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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Crystal Cities & The Recording of the EP

Having just released their debut EP ‘Who’s Gone Save Us Now’ Crystal Cities have given a bit of an insight to the band and the recording of the EP. You can get the EP for a Name Your Price offer HERE.


5 things you didn’t know about Crystal Cities  & the recording of the EP

1 Jared likes to recorded bass naked, and Geoff wore MC Hammer parachute pants during the entire recording process. We recorded most songs from the EP in a garage, many virgins and goats were sacrificed to ensure we got the right sound for the EP. Also all the band members have tear drop tattoos.


2 we were blindfolded for most of the recording sessions, one time, we spent at least half a day recording percussion ideas and not one take made the final cut! we also asked Enya to do a duet with Geoff but she was busy.


3 It took 2 days to find out where the record button was (its the big red one) but it didn’t matter because those days we were recording  one of the drum tracks from the EP that was actually not played by Dan as it was digitally programmed. He was overseas at the time of recording. Can you guess which one it is?


4 – A survey in 2016 showed that Jared is indeed the most handsome person in the band. Thought it would have been Dan. Maybe because the original version of ‘Cut Me Loose’ had a slap bass solo in the middle of it, showcasing Jared’s naked bass solo techniques.


5 – We have to arrive 5 hours early to every show as Geoff spends 3/4’s of his time making sure his hair looks good. It’s so annoying, but at the same time  we have all gained some great  styling tips!!



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