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Albums we’re looking forward to in 2017 – By Johnny Rock – Pretty City

We asked Johnny Rock of Pretty City to give us a list of some albums he is looking forward to. Here is 20!!

Pretty City‘s debut album ‘Colorize’ is out now. Available HERE

Magic Bones

These guys put out a string of killer garage rock singles in 2014-2015 and have an incredible live show that is second to none. With a 60s twang and relentless force behind their tunes I love everything they put out. What the hell have they been doing all 2016?! It better have been recording a new album. Word on the street is that it’s done and sounds awesome. These guys could have put out an album of them jamming wiggles covers and it would be awesome. So I expect it to be much better than that.



We bumped into Alex from Kingswood at Yah Yahs. He missed our show and I like to think he had planned to actually see it instead of just turned up at Yah Yahs late one night. He told us a great story about meeting Courtney Taylor-Taylor who raved about the wines from Barossa valley to him. True story. When quizzed on new material he let slip that they recorded the whole thing without putting a mic in front of an amp. Instead plugging the amp head directly into the desk and using the studio speakers as your speaker. “How’d it sound?”, we asked. “Fucking good”, he replied.


Ali Barter

A slew of incredible singles last few years, recorded by Oscar from Holy Holy, or as I like to remember him, from The Dukes of Windsor. My favs are Hypercolour and Far Away. Hooky and rocky and just slamming. Her stuff drifts from softer ethereal to straight up bangers and all are good. After all these EPs and singles she’s due for an album. C’mon! Give me an album!



I know the safe money is not for another 15 years but I’m of the opinion that they will always try and surprise you. And nothing will surprise the world more than releasing another album a year after we had to wait 15 years! The bastards have probably been planning this all along.


Liam Gallgher

I don’t care if you love or hate Oasis. But you should all love Liam. He is the beligerant voice of the mindless masses dressed in swanky threads. He cares for football and rock n roll. Probably in that order. He is all of us and none of us. Is this what God looks like? Probably. God would have good hair. Both Beady Eye albums were solid. Most of you will disagree and say that the first one was tripe. But I don’t need that sort of negativity in my life. This new Liam solo effort could sound like anything. But I am looking forward to it. It just has to be reasonably good to be better than Noels last solo album. Oh, yes I did!


Speaking of belligerent, a band that are equal parts venom and LSD. They make mesmerising yet headbanger tunes for people like me who have short attention spans. For ages Belligerants were the number one band suggested by Spotify if you looked at our profile. I consider that a huge compliment cause these guys are awesome. Listen to In My Way, Before I Am and Caroline if you don’t believe me. I probably threw the whole algorithm out by listening to them for a week straight. But who cares. They have made a bunch of singles and are well due for an album this year.


Slot Face.

I found these guys via their killer single Sponge State and was instantly hooked. I played them at my DJ gigs for months after. Viceral punk rock that’s hooky as all hell and puts other dancefloor fillers to shame. I go bananas every time I hear them. They released a bunch of singles and an EP last year. So 2017 may be a rest year, but unlikely. With any luck an album will come out sooner than later.


British India

They gave a us just one taste of new stuff in their single I Thought We Knew Each Other and it made me wet my pants. It sounds like a return to their punky rock origins of their first few albums. It sits with their debut more than recent work. Feels like they broke through a hazy funk and exploded out with all guns blazing. If this is a sign of things to come, count me in!


I know Leopard

Heard these guys late one night driving down a freeway home. Probably too tired to be driving. Certainly, too tired to change the station. But when their song, Perfect Picture, came on, life suddenly made sense. It was a sound I hadn’t heard before yet I felt instantly at home. Smooth, ethereal and also with such a pace it kept me from driving off the road. The vocals and relentless beat reminded me of We Might Be Scientists which is a very nice band to be reminded of. Rather Be Lonely single was the last we heard from them last year, so 2017 is wide open for them to bring out an album!


Circa Waves

Hard to believe that debut album was released 2015! They released a single late last year and in Jan so new album is def on the way. It’s much more slick production wise, which can be a good or bad thing. But first track Wake Up is slamming and heavy. Like they listened to heaps of Royal Blood while recording. It’s good. It’s not the poppy, get the girls dancing out front single like T-shirt Weather, which could be dangerous territory. However, I’m keen to hear more of this complex stuff.


The Creases

Single after single. These guys do all the right things for me. Driving beat, hooky choruses, 60s vibe, a bit garage and a bit washy. It’s every awesome 60s pop band via the lens of 90s shoegaze. They keep pumping out the singles, but surely an album is coming. Surely!


Cut off Your hands

Is mid naughties, angular, guitar, dance music back again? Well with any luck yes. And Cut Off Your Hands left their moody Smithsy second album far away and returned last year with a couple of singles, most exciting Higher Highs and Lower Lows, which is picking up where their debut left off. Taking their sound to the CSS and Hot Chip end of the dancefloor it’s got all the makings of your new favourite song. I thought they would never come back. But this is an incredible start of something new from the New Zealand group.



Cmon man! That last album was tripe and it was 3 years ago. Pull your finger out.


LCD soundsystem

Didn’t they cancel a bunch of shows in Australia before they were even announced cause they wanted to get back into the studio? Let’s get that happening!


Mark Ronson

Marks last monstrous album was released in 2015. And something tells me that major record labels don’t let hit album makers sit at home for too long. Plus he was sued so brutally from Uptown Funk, I’m sure someone is looking to recoup losses. Plus it might force his new effort to be so original that it’ll blow our minds! At the very least dance. He’s pretty consistent on that front.



We saw these ladies at SXSW and they killed it. I loved their track Young Girls from their last album. You should too. They’re punky but a little more avant-garde. Obvious influences from Riot Grrrls but also plenty of stoner rock influences in there mixed with New York CBGBs bands like Television. They just released a new single so I’d bet new album is coming this year.


Rocket Science

Oh my god. Rocket Science! Did you hear me? Why aren’t you jumping up and down? This is the Melbourne garage psych pioneers who released 3 albums of incredible garage pop behind the manic frontman on organ and Theremin, Roman Tucker, who would frequently get possessed on stage and throw himself and said organ into the crowd as the band dutifully thundered along. Also Supergrass’s favourite band. They have only recently returned to playing the occasional live gig in like 10 years. They have announced that they are releasing an experimental album, which from these guys could mean anything.


These guys haven’t released anything officially in 11 years, unless you count the soundtrack to Belgica where they created about a dozen fictional bands that they recorded songs on behalf of. They have released two new tracks though, that are more slow burn electronica than the hook heavy singalong electro pop that we’re used to. The sorta track you put on and get lost in a cloud of neon pink haze and slow dance with a random person not wearing any shoes.


Deep sea arcade

I loved Deep Sea Arcade since I first heard Don’t Be Sorry on the radio a million years ago. No one was doing cool, slick, 60s tinged pop in such a way. It’s been a long time between drinks but the new single Learning To Fly they released late last year was worth the wait. Dreamy, slick and just plain great song. Can’t wait for the new album.

Tired Lion

We only had the pleasure to play with these guys once, but they were lovely bunch and their set was sick as. Even in a small room Sophie crowd surfs like it’s lollapalooza. Viceral and heavy and headbangy all while super singable. That’s like a Tim Tam slam in song form. With just an EP and a few singles to their name, 2017 is def the year for Tired Lions full length.

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