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Born Joy Dead Release New Single ‘Hey Blood’


Born Joy Dead is the new project of former Hungry Kids Of Hungary bassist Ben Dalton. After making a great impression among tastemakers and picking up national radio play with their debut single, the band are setting out to do it all again with their latest offering ‘Hey Blood’.
The Brisbane four-piece made their first noise in May earlier this year with their fun and fey debut track ‘Upside Down, Inside Out’ which was met with outstanding reviews from media labeling the new outfit “such a great new wave feel” (Sounds Of Oz) and “much more than just the average indie pop tune” (Semplesize).
After gracing stages with the likes of Ball Park Music and Rolls Bayce, Born Joy Dead will continue to make an impact on audiences with a national run booked shortly to be announced in the coming weeks.
‘Hey Blood’ is available now via iTunes.