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Cosmic Psychos Release Ripper New Tune & Tour Dates

Australia’s thirstiest rock dogs, the legendary COSMIC PSYCHOS, have got it into their heads to batter your earholes with more beer smashing tunes. They’ve announced an east coast tour with AMYL & THE SNIFFERS and released the video for ripper new single ‘Better in the Shed’.

Ross Knight of the band tells us more, “I was up in the shed doing my nightly 10 minute song writing session the week before we recorded, and I’d had a few thousand beers and come up with a riff that I thought was absolute genius. But then I couldn’t remember how to play it. So when it got to recording it, Silvia (our engineer) asked us if I had any lyrics – and I said “not for this cu*nt of a RIFF, the chords don’t even fit and it sounded better in the shed!” So I just sang that, and we were done in one take.” Angel sweet backing vocals courtesy of The Chiko Molls (featuring Amy of Amyl and the Sniffers, and Nadine from Killerbirds).

Thirty years on, the Psychos sound as urgent as ever…

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