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Exclusive: 5 things I can’t wait to see at SXSW with Pretty City

Melbourne’s Pretty City are soon bound for the wild vibes of Texas and SXSW but before the band departs, they’re leaving fans with a sneaky parting gift in new single, ‘Simone‘ which you can stream below. The band was nice enough to give us a little parting present before their trip as well. Check out their 5 Things I Can’t Wait To See At SXSW and catch them at their album lauch. (Dates below)

The talks. Everyone says the bands are the main focus at SXSW with the worlds best bands dropping in, but you also have the worlds best music industry veterans turning up and talking about what will be the next MySpace, the next Spotify, the next wave of things that will blow up the industry. Last time we were there in 2016, there was a talk from the guy who developed Google Play and he was talking about how artist in the future will be pushing for fans to be app subscribers. So you would download their app and subscribe to your favourite band in the same way you subscribe to Spotify or computer software. It was a cool idea, though in 2 years I haven’t heard any developments on this idea. DOESN’T MEAN IT WASN’T A GOOD IDEA THOUGH! This year there’s a talk on the appreciation and preservation of album art in the digital age, VR and the future of concerts, which I’m sure they’ll be talking about ABBAs virtual reunion concerts being planned as we speak, and the key note from Lyor Cohen who helped develop the killers and Ed Sheran as CEO for Warner Music and is now the head of music at Google and YouTube. So he’ll have some interesting insight into the world of music.

The bands – Ok so maybe the bands are really cool too. Last time we were there I went into the Music from Spain stage and saw great sets from some awesome Spanish punk bands and ate free paella for lunch. (Match made in heaven by the way.) There are heaps of day parties just like this that I’m so keen to check out. Best way I found out about cool stuff was to follow my nose. During the day you can walk down 6th street and if you hear something you like, walk in and check it out. Soon as they suck, walk out. Ain’t no one got time for that! Or you can make friends and see who they’re keen to see. We met Ben Rayner, music journalist, from the Toronto Star and he had a list of all the cool bands he wanted to check out and he took us under his wing one night and all we had to do was be lead through the streets of Austin enjoying some amazing bands. I plan on making many friends and doing the same thing!

Secret shows – Last time we went we didn’t know about all the twitter accounts to find out about all the free and secret shows. I do now. I stumbled on a cool event for Travis (late 90s brit pop band) who were releasing a short film based on the video clips from their last album. I was super excited to see it, but had I not stumbled on it by accident I would have missed it entirely. Poor form Johnny. I’m getting all the twitter happening and making it my mission to find some rad secret not so secret gigs.

Rainey street – Rainey street in Austin is away from the main drag of 6th st. It’s in the historic district which is way more chill and more picturesque and just plain a little cooler. You won’t have hip hop bros hustling CDs in your face or college kids spewing up on your shoes. Plenty of gigs there and nice fairy lights/festoons light the strip. Did I mention I love fairy lights? Both our official showcase gigs are on Rainey St so I look forward to making that my home for a bit.

Some minor celebrity that I have a crush on – Last time I bumped into Fran Healy, front man for Travis (see above), I met and chatted to Martin Atkins, drummer for PIL, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and author of the funniest book on the music industry called “Welcome to the Music Business, you’re fucked”, I bumped into long time Rolling Stone editor Robert Fricke and pointed and waves like a child to other famous people I recognised from across the street. It’s not the greatest hobby but it’s one I can indulge in at SXSW.

You can check us out at our official SXSW showcases below!

Sound Gallery – Tuesday 13th – Backyard Stage Australia House (Lucilles) 77 Rainey St – 9:50PM

Glamglare Stage – March 14th – The Iron Bear, 121 W 8th ST, Austin, @1am (Headlining).

Johnny Rock


Stream ‘Simone’ below.

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