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EXCLUSIVE: Top 5 Aussie Frontwomen according to HURST

HURST have just released their second, self produced, ep ‘Sadface’ as well as a bunch of tour dates (see below). The band have been kind enough to give us their top 5 Aussie Frontwomen.


1. Ella Hooper – Killing Heidi

Ella Hooper was my first favourite Australian rocker. I remember watching this music video as a 7 year old and thinking how freaking cool Killing Heidi are. Shes got that sugar and spice thing going on, like a Power Puff Girl.


2. Chrissy Amphlett – Divinyls

Oh lord, Chrissy Amphlett is so, so cool and may she rest in peace. Shes so unapologetic and fierce in the way she performs. Shes wearing what looks like a school dress, has a mic stand that lights up, and none of it looks gimmicky. She oozes cool.

Boys In Town

3. Courtney Barnett

I love the way Courtney Barnett can address social and political issues so casually and unassumingly. Her music really showed me the power of keeping things simple, and not overthinking the music. When I heard Nameless Faceless hits the nail on the head, and it never gets old.

Nameless Faceless

4. Sophie Hopes – Tired Lion

I watched Tired Lion live in Sydney and was immediately captured by Sophie Hopesonstage energy and her rawness. I love that she has been really transparent about her personal journey with mental health through their music and I think thats so inspiring.


5. Suze DeMarchi – Baby Animals

Rush Youis one of my ultimate get hypedsongs. Suzes voice is so good. It oozes sexiness and lioness. I only really discovered Baby Animals in my early twenties, and they were really influential when we started our band.

Rush You


AUGUST 4 – Hornsby Inn, Hornsby NSW

AUGUST 5 – Symposium, Sydney NSW

SEPTEMBER 14 – Lennox Groove, Lennox Head NSW

NOVEMBER 17 – The Vic Hotel, Orange NSW

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