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Flash Back Film Review – The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is based on a book by the same title by Stephen Chbosky, who also wrote and directed the film. The film has an awesome soundtrack and is a coming of age story. Not the corny coming of age crap that normally comes out of the US, but one that is easily relatable and reflects the real lives of people in their late teens and early twenties.

The movie tells the story of Charlie, a misfit with no friends who only has one wish, to get through to the end of school with nobody noticing him or giving him a bad time. Instead of this excellent plan for obscurity he befriends fellow outcasts Sam and Patrick. And the trio help each other survive until the end of school, when they can get away from the “cool kids” and live their own lives.

I am not going to give more away about the plot than that. Because it is a movie I feel people need to discover for themselves. It is also one of my all time favourites for a simple reason. I can relate to it and it touched my heart.

Actually, anybody who has felt like an outsider, or an intelligent being surrounded by un-evolved Jocks, or a normal girl surrounded by Barbie wannabes can relate to the main characters and their struggles.

For me it brought back memories of starting University and trying to make friends in rooms full of strangers. For the whole of first year I made only one friend who was a girl who wasn’t very nice. When she eventually showed her true colours my Uni world collapsed. Fortunately I found a group of fellow outcasts like the character Charlie did and the remaining years at University became some of the best of my life. So for me this movie really hit home and this is why I would highly recommend hunting it down.

The cast in the film is perfect for the characters. After reading the book I had a firm idea of what the characters should be, and they are exactly what I imagined. The cast includes Logan Lerman from The Three Musketeers and Percy Jackson acclaim, and the incredibly beautiful Emma Watson without her Hermione mop-hair. Also keep an eye out in the film for Emma Watson performing acts from the Rocky Horror Picture Show in lingerie. That alone should be worth checking the movie out!

The music in the film is amazing. It is an eclectic mix of songs from the late 80s including The Smiths and David Bowie. For me it was quite interesting to hear the “teen angst” songs from this era. Because it was these songs and their emotional strength that inspired the Seattle sounds that emerged only a few years after the setting of the film (1991).

Also any film that includes “Come on Eileen” will get a thumb’s up!

What to take from this film?

In one simple word, Hope.

Hope that one day you will find a place to fit in. Hope that one day you will make friends or meet someone that makes the world a brighter place. Hope that even in the darkest times of your life you are not alone. And finally, Hope that no matter what happens in this crazy world, while ever there are teenagers they will be listening to David Bowie.