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Flashback Friday: Arcade Fire – Funeral



Stream ‘Funeral’ via Spotify below.

For this flashback friday I chose Arcade Fire’s debut album Funeral. The way this album explores life has always amazed me. It’s intricate layers provide a rich musical tapestry which combined with insightful lyrics that leave you trying to puzzle out just what it is to be human.

The first thing I always notice about Arcade Fire albums is the feeling of movement. The twisting dance of dynamic shifts is always entrancing. This is quickly obvious with the first track Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) grabbing you right off the bat. I must mention that Crown Of Love Wake Up Rebellion (Lies) and In the Backseat all achieve an extra level of magnificence (a hard thing to do on an album of stand out songs).

However by far my favourite song from this album is Neighborhood #2 (Laika) which recounts the departure of Alexander. This song makes me think of a good friend of mine. It is also very much a tale of lost loved ones. The impact which the loss of those loved ones have on the people left behind, and with closing lines “and now the neighbors can’t dance” leaves a haunting and lingering impression that flows on and on through the album.

I think from Arcade Fire’s viewpoint it is very much if it’s not awesome, it’s not on the album. It’s also really great to jog too.

I give Funeral it a 4.5/5, I’m going to listen to it some more.