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Flashback Fridays – Blink 182 – Dude Ranch

So, we’ve decided to implement a fun new section called Flashback Fridays where we feature a series of reviews looking at a nostalgic album from various perspectives. We hope you find it enjoyable! We will be kicking it off with Blink 182s Dude Ranch which was first released way back in June of 1997. You will find the album streaming in it’s entirety at the bottom of this post!

Happy first Flashback Friday!

Anthony Webster –

It is impossible to listen to Dude Ranch without immediately having a last episode of Scrubs-esque picture show of memories flash before your eyes. Ten notes into the opening riff of Pathetic and I’m already remembering the lasting effect the album had on me.

I remember sticking a burnt copy of Dude Ranch in my discman and getting through it almost two full times on my long-arse bus ride to school, only to then bail to the skate park before the first bell for class had even rung. I remember going back to my mate Lenny’s house after soccer and waiting for his dad to go out for the night, then trying to fashion a 2L milk bottle into a sweet tandem bong, failing, eating a bunch of pizza and ice cream and “faling asleep” on his couch. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the most positive influence on my life but it was definitely a big deal….CONTINUE READING ANTHONY’S REVIEW!

Kieren Degan –

The scene: a half furnished living room and a laundry basket filled with room temperature Toohey’s Red. Parents away, half a dozen or so people in the house, and two pimply faced, hormonally charged young men exchange heart felt vocals to a song blaring through speakers much larger, and much louder than necessary, all the while completely oblivious to the irony that the title of this treasured jam, perfectly summed up their singing, their evening and possibly their life in general. Pathetic!…CONTINUE READING KIERAN’S REVIEW!

Martin Webster –

Beach car parks, skate boards, sackwards baseball caps (sideways, backwards), UDL cans, long shorts with long belts and gym socks stretched up to the knees. These are a few of my favourite things. Well, not really. But they were, actually these are some of the things I’m reminded of when I think of Dude Ranch. For those of you who don’t know Dude Ranch, it was the second full length album release from Californian pop punk legends Blink 182. It was released in 1997 by independent label Cargo Music before being further handled by bigtimes MCA Records from 1998 onwards. It was produced by Mark Trombino (also credited for work with Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack and Finch) and was also the bands last album that featured drummer Scott Raynor. So there are the facts, I don’t think there is anything major that I missed? Oh wait a minute, one more thing,

IT F**KING RULED! (so I guess now we all know where this review is heading)…CONTINUE READING MARTIN’S REVIEW!

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