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Frenzal Rhomb – Interview

Who are you?! And What are you Doing here? (what is your name and what are your duties in the band?)

I am Gordon James Forman and I’ve been the fill in drummer in Frenzal Rhomb for nearly 15 years.  It’s also my (self-appointed responsibility to make sure that no one’s musical requests are met on the tour van stereo…

So I think the first question that is on my mind is how’s it going? What’s been happening as of late for the band? 

GREAT question!  Pretty good.  Fuck all!

This is only a short tour you’re embarking on this time around. Please explain yourself!

Blindfolded darts thrown at a giant map.  We only had two darts and one shot right down the eye of Tom’s penis.  The other landed on the Great Barrier Reef, but we thought “fuck that, let’s go to Coffs and Bateau Bay instead”.

‘Not So Tough Now’ just went gold! I suppose congratulations are in order? Was it a strange feeling finding out that this has happened over ten years since its release date? I heard the new skrillex album went gold in 10 days… (please note this is not a stab at you, but one at the so called people that are buying music these days)

You don’t even need to have a physical item in an actual bricks and mortar shop for it to go gold anymore I believe.  Whatever, Jay’s the only one old enough to have actually been involved in making that record so while he get’s helicoptered into the show and whisked down the hall to have his balls shaved by his assistant pre-show, Lindsay, Tom and I will still be riding our fucking 3 seater Goodies bike up the Pacific Highway.

Are you planning your gold party for ‘Smoko’ now?

Yes, and we thought what better place to hold it than good old fucken Coffs Harbour.  Consider yourselves something.  Consider yourselves a lovely town.

Speaking of…  there was a significant gap between the release of ‘Forever Malcom Young’ and ‘Smoko’ was this “break” a planned one or did things just happen to go this way?

You cannot rush a barely 27 minute long record with an average song length of 1:30.  These things take time. . .4 years I think?  Maybe 6?  As I’ve read Lindsay state before, we really just don’t give a fuck.  When it’s done, it’s done, there’s no race and it’s not a competition.  There’s plenty of better bands you can listen to in the time it’ll take us to getting round to doing a record again.

Can we expect the same length of time between albums?


What is a typical day for Frenzal Rhomb on tour?

No different to any other band I guess.  Brush the mares down, re-hoof them if need be.  Get the jockeys to the tailors for the final fitting, make sure the track’s well watered and re-seeded.  Do a final check of the catering and ensure the VIP tents are well stocked with cheap champagne.  Usual shit.

What can Fans expect from your shows on this tour?

A fully accurate and scale replica of the Flemington Racecourse as detailed above, onstage.  That’ll be right inside the Plantation Hotel right?

The critically acclaimed film clip for ‘bird attack’ was released last year. Can we expect any more hilarity in the form of film clips from you for this album?

You can expect all you like.  Whether it happens or not is up to dog-lazy old us.  And like I said, who knows if we can be fucked?  That Bird Attack clip really took it out of us.

And one last question. If you could take any 3 bands/musicians on tour (dead or alive) who would they be?

Well you said we have to take Dead Or Alive, so that leaves 2.  Actually, we’ll just take Dead Or Alive ’cause we’ve played / met most of the bands we’d wanna play with and every single one of them is packed to the brim with cunts.  Having not met Dead Or Alive, they get the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Our band’s 20 this year so, you know, bring all your mates, your goon bags, your home-made ice cream helmets and let’s smash some beer bongs.

Thanks heaps for taking the time out to answer these questions. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say you have played a huge part in a lot of our teenage lives and have been there for many a drunken sing a longs at parties! So Cheers for that and I am definitely keen to catch you on the road.

Don’t wait on the road,  we won’t be playing there.  You’re better off getting a ticket and coming in to the hotel.  We did however, try and get a flatbed like ACDC in “It’s A Long Way To The Top”.  If that worked out we were gonna cruise the Hume/Pacific Highways from Melbourne to Brisbane playing all of our records chronologically, so you probably would have “caught us on the road”, but then we worked out it was Winter and cold, and it was far and blah blah.  Cheers.