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Interview – 1200 Techniques




Who are you and what are you doing here? (What’s your name, band and role in said band)

I’m N’fa Jones. I’m the MC of 1200 Techniques.


It’s been around 10 years since we’ve seen or heard anything from 1200 techniques. Why did you leave us? What did we do and how can we make you stay? Also what was happening for you guys during the break?

Haha, we never left you. We just didn’t write any new music unfortunately. Life and things got in the way. If you want us to stay, just get behind the EP, and come to our show/shows! Spread the word.


You’re doing a one off live performance as apart of the Rubber Records 25th anniversary. How “one-off is it” or can we expect to see the band hitting more stages in the future?

Well, we are dropping an EP on Jan 23rd. So, there’s a chance we’ll do a tour.. But for now our main focus is the Howler show on Dec 17, as it is our first show together in years.


I suppose the same question can be asked about the new EP. Are you guys planning on getting back into the full swing of things?

Yeah, I mean we are taking it step by step. We all have other priorities in life now, but we do hope to balance musical endeavors amongst all else we do. I have a feeling our first show back is gonna look, sound and feel good, and we’ll likely have the itch afterward for more live shows and recordings.


A lot has changed in the music industry in the past 10 years, one of those changes is artist’s reaching out to fans by using pledge sites to make a new album/EP, which is exactly what you’ve done. What swayed you to that approach and how have you found going about making your EP this way?

Well, we wanted to engage with the audience directly as a lead up. Also we are independent, so we can’t rely on major label help. We gotta be real about it, and keep it grass roots, which we do prefer anyway.


How have you found writing together after such a long time apart?

It’s been cool. We are all very individual people. It’s just a matter of sharing ideas, hearing out ideas, taking direction, and giving each other space and respect. I think that goes with any band. It’s been fairly automatic which has been good. The main difference is that it’s a more musical than previous work and contains no samples. We played everything, and Peril mixed it all.


Are you able to draw us a self-portrait that we can use as the main photo for this interview?

No, drawing really isn’t my thing, you’d need to ask Peril or Kem.

I’ve included a dope old school, 1200’s piece by Peril. I think it will work nicely!


The return of 1200 techniques after 10 years gives the band a chance to get into a lot of new ears. If you were to tell someone what 1200 song to get into them that best defines the band what would you choose?


Well, I guess I’d tell them Karma… Though Karma is more based around Blues/Funk in a way. We also touch on old school B-boy, electro, soul, rock, and straight Hip hop… So, it’s a tricky one. But Karma is a song for all people.


What are your top 3 favourite music releases of this year so far?


That’s a hard one. We would all have different views, but for me, maybe the ‘Yasin Gay’ (Mos Def vs Marvin Gay) LP, the new Al Green record ‘Lay It Down’ produced by Quest Love and fam, and Remi’s Raw x Infinity. I haven’t had a chance to hear a few records this year. Keen to check out the C.W. Stoneking Gon’ Boogloo record, and I really loved Briggs’ song, The Hunt ft Gurrumul. Some great music out there.


Is there anything you’d like to add or ask me? I feel rude for doing all the talking so far…


That’s cool. All looks and sounds good to me.. Thanks for the questions.

Pledge address : http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/timehascome

FB : https://www.facebook.com/1200TECHNIQUES