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Interview – Dashboard Confessional

It’s been a while… since we have seen Chris and the boys from Dashboard Confessional here in Australia but now two shows in and with their Sydney show tonight the band are bringing a celebration of the songs we all love be for they come back at us with new tunes. I had a chat with Chris about the hiatus, the direction of the band and what we can expect from the band and Chris’ other projects.

Dashboard Confessional play the Metro Theatre tonight.


… It’s been a while… since Dashboard has come to Australia, although you did bring out your other band Twin Forks here a few years back. What’s taken you so long?


The biggest part is we just took a hiatus from the band. We stopped writing music and stopped playing live and we did that because we felt we needed to have life experiences to feed into songs again that wasn’t just about the life experiences of being on the road. We were off for maybe 4 years or so and now we’re making our back I was looking at the calendar and realised if we didn’t get to Australia this year it’ll probably be another 4 years until we get back. So I call my booking agent and tell them to get something ASAP because we can’t wait another year or more.


On the music front of things, I’ve seen photos and talking about new DC material for a while now, when are we going to get some new music?


Well the only word I’m really allowed to use is soon.


Well soon is better than never…


I think that everybody who is waiting will be satisfied.


It’s been quite some time since you released a full album. Do you feel any pressure now?


No. I think the opposite is what has occurred. I came back with a lot of fire and with anonymity, which I had when I made the first record. I felt like I had to wait till no one was paying attention again to get back to that place where I could maybe get something as connected and honest that I got on my first few records when no one was listening.



You started out as one dude with a guitar and voice and then moved on to the epicness that is ‘A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar’ and then went down a rock path… Where is this new album leading you sound wise?


I would say I connect with the first 3 records in a very deep way, more deeply than I do the rest of the records. There are certainly parts of the other records I connect with, though. But I think there are parts of those records that I don’t connect with as deeply as like. So I think after ‘A Mark, A Mission…’ there was a fork in the road and I took one path and now I feel this record is what I took the other path.


Will we be hearing any of these new songs on the tour?


I think there might be one or two in there. But we’ll definitely be out there again when we have a new album to play the new stuff. I don’t think that’s what these shows are about though. I think this tour is about playing to an audience that has embraced us for who we are and what we do and has connected with some songs in a seemingly deep way and we’re just coming there to play those songs.


Although we are talking about Dashboard I have to ask about Twin Forks and Further Seems forever. Obviously you went back in the studio with the FSF lads and released Penny Black. Will we be hearing another album from a Chris fronted FSF?


Yeah. Absolutely. The best thing about Twin Forks and FSF is that everyone is in other bands or has other jobs and it’s nobody’s main focus, it’s everybody’s vacation in a way. I’ll be sending voice memo’s to the Further boys and we also just send each other songs into a play list of songs by other bands which are inspiring to us for reasons we can’t pinpoint. Is it the vocal hook, or how he sang this… I don’t know so that’s why I send it to the other guys and see what they can find.




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