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Interview – David Liebe Hart

With his Australian tour just around the corner i was lucky enough to ask David Liebe Hart some questions about his music, art, aliens and Vegemite. Give it a read and check him out on one of his dates below.

1. Please state your name and what you are doing here?

I am the famous actor, singer and painter David Liebe Hart.  I’m coming to Australia to bring people joy, happiness, talent, and enthusiasm.  I’m bringing my songs that I’ve written, comedy, acting, and puppeteering.

2. You describe yourself as an outsider musician, actor and painter. If you could only choose one of these talents to pursue which one would it be and why?

Wow, that’s a hard question.  I would choose being a painter because I like to reflect on the beauty of life and record the beauty of life through my artistic ways.

3. Last time you were in Australia you collaborated with Dan Cribb for one of his music videos. Do you feel the punk rock sound of Dan has rubbed off on you in anyway?

Yes it has.  I love punk rock music but I like to make my punk rock musis so you can hear the words and understand what I’m saying.  A lot of punk rockers just scream.

4. You have a great selection of puppets that your fans have all formed a liking to! which one of your puppets would you say you’re most like?

I’m similar to Chip The Black Boy.

5. Its a rare sight to see Americans enjoying Vegemite but you seem to be sharing the love. If you could give us a short review on the taste of Vegemite what would you say?

Vegemite reminds me of canned Spam.  It’s very salty but very good.

6. Having had the amazing experience of having contact with Extra terrestrial life would you say you have been given an insight to the bigger goings on in the world? 

Yes.  When I first met Jessidle Ordisa way back in the 80’s she told me that there was gonna be a black President.  She told me that after him would come a President that would be the opposite of everything he believed in that would be white.

7. Can you give us a description of this Extra Terrestrial life form?

She reminded me of Wonder Woman.  She was very beautiful.  She had black hair and looked like she exercised and ate right.  She influenced me to stay away from meat and sweets.  And she told me to wash my hair with mayonnaise so that I wouldn’t lose my hair.  I wish that I’d listened to her. 

8. You’re no stranger to Australian shores and i’m no stranger to cliche questions so with that being said what is your favourite place in Australia and where is one place here you haven’t been that you’d love to go to?

I’d like to go up to the desert where Are 51 has been moved from the United States and where the Korendians have an underground base.  And I’d like to go to the caves where all the UFO drawings and alien figures are.

9. A lot of artists these days have been transforming their music to go with Symphony Orchestras around the world. Will we ever see a David Liebe Hart with the Orchestra show?

Someday.  I enjoy Bach and Beethoven.  I love classical music.  It’s the foundation for all music.

10. If you weren’t doing what you’re doing as a musician, artist and actor is there any other profession you could see suiting you?

A school teacher or a lawyer to fight for justice.

11. Thank you for taking the time to have this E Chat. To end it all is there any message you’d like to send to your Australian friends. 

Stay positive, work hard, eat right, believe in your dreams, and don’t give up no matter how discouraging things are.  Like Doris Day told me, know that you’re success in action and that you’re a winner, not a loser.  And like they say in Star Wars, know that the positive force is with you.  Also I love kangaroos a lot.  I’d like a tamed red kangaroo because I feel it would be a good watch dog.




WED APR 5 – Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
w/ Max Chillen & The Kerbside Collective, Madboots, Spacecowboy4005

FRI APR 7 – Northern Star Hotel, Newcastle
w/ Spacecowboy4005, Skull & Dagger

SAT APR 8 – The Red Rattler, Sydney
w/ Spacecowboy4005, Skull & Dagger

SUN APR 9 – The Basement, Canberra
Guests TBA

TUE APR 11 – Grand Poobah, Hobart
w/ Mandek Penha, Harrison Forward, All the Weathers

WED APR 12 – The Toff In Town, Melbourne
w/ Mandek Penha, Lessons With Luis, Curse Ov Dialect

THUR APR 13 – Jive, Adelaide
w/ Rohan Henry, St. Morris Sinners, Purple Johnson Blimp Situation

SAT APR 15 – Four5Nine, Perth
w/ Dan Cribb & Scott Connor Cover The Simpsons

SUN APR 16 – Mojos, Perth (Stand-Up Show)
w/ Sian Choyce, Gerard Maroney, Sean Conway, Glenn Grimwood

MON APR 17– Meow, Wellington NZ
w/ Guests TBA

TUE APR 18 – Totara St, Tauranga NZ
w/ Guests TBA

WED APR 19 – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton NZ
w/ Guests TBA

THUR APR 20 – Whammy Bar, Auckland NZ
w/ Mandek Penha, Nuggiez

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