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Interview – Demons

Demons have just announced their brilliant and hard hitting debut album ‘Embrace Wolf’ which is released December 1st through Spartan Records. The bands front man/ guitarist Zach Gehring was kind enough to answer my questions about the album, being away from family on tour and what his favourite thing about me is. Make sure you check out their new single ‘Always Your Own’ on our playlist!


1.Please tell me why you are here, who you are, the band and the role you play in said band.

I’m Zach, not sure why I’m here. The band is called Demons and I play guitar and sing.

2. Several listens through ‘Embrace Wolf’ I feel this was a cathartic exercise for you lyrically. Did you pen this record as a therapy session because real therapists cost too much? Also what is like for you having these honest thoughts and feelings out in the open?

I don’t ever think about writing lyrics in that way, that is, as some specific cathartic intent. I generally write lyrics with a motivation to help me better understand things that I’m thinking/feeling. Regarding these thoughts being in the open – I like it. I’ll probably..well, I could imagine myself regretting some things I put out there later on..but I can’t worry about that.

3. A lot of us know you from MAE which is atmospheric and pretty and hopeful. Demons kind of seems like the polar opposite. When it comes to writing do you sit down with the intention to write a Demons song or are their moments where you’re trying to write for MAE and some demons comes out? 

Both. The writing processes are so different from one another. It really depends, sometimes ideas categorize themselves, some are more malleable. I just navigate it in a way that I hope is most productive.

4. Being a father is obviously you main passion in life and your adoration for your daughter is second to none. With that being said your other passion is music which involves being away from said child and your wife. What do you do to keep sane on the road? 

Facetime helps, being with the guys is really helpful – they all understand. I love to find a coffee shop and just read alone. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Everything feels different after a child comes into your life. When you’re away from your kid, the best day tops at at like 93%, so that is this new dynamic for me. It’s tough, but we just deal with best we know how.

5. Jumping back to the lyric side of things, in the world today there are so many different things to write about and address. Although these are affecting yourself and others you have taken the route of addressing yourself lyrically. Is that something you consciously chose to do? 

Commentary on socio-political events/patterns is a tough thing for me. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just like that I’m never happy with what I come up with. I’m as guilty as anyone else right? So it’s tough to not come off as didactic. I just don’t feel it’s my strongest voice.

6. And now for our intermission and bonus question… How are things going?

Watching this Ken Burns Vietnam documentary.

7. You are no stranger to touring having experienced the ups and downs and different parts of the world. Is there a certain memory or time on tour that still stands out to you?

Not really, only because it changes daily. Right now I’m re-calling a drive through blizzard conditions to get to a show in Rhode Island with Hot Rod Circuit. I hate driving in the snow.

8. Speaking of touring if Demons could take out 2 other bands on a huge tour what acts would you choose? 

Prayer Group (from Richmond VA) and Sunndrug.

8.5. Will we ever see Demons in Australia.

You tell me!

9. Although I will be reviewing the album for the site i would love for you to give me a review for ‘Embrace Wolf’. The only catch is your review can’t be any more than 5 words.

Nine songs in three days.

10. What is your favourite thing about me?


11. Sorry wrong interview. Anywho i feel like I’ve picked your brain enough for one sitting. Congratulations on the awesome piece of work that is ‘Embrace Wolf’. And i hope the wait for release date doesn’t drag on. 

And to end it all I have just now come up with a new segment for the end of interviews called ‘The Sign Off’. The idea is you give me the Zach Gehring sign off/tag line and then you have your very own catch phrase… 

Have a great night! Nothing ever gets any easier.