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Interview: The Front Bottoms

The day is upon us! ‘Going Grey’, The Front Bottoms’ new album and second released on Fuelled By Ramen, is out! Taking a cleaner my produced approach the band has stepped right up to deliver a melodic and memorable album. I spoke with the bands drummer Matthew Uychich about the broken up recording process, continuing on as a two piece and their aim to get back to Australia sooner than last time.

I’ll start off by saying I’m excited because I’ve interviewed Brian in the twice in the past year and I was kind of getting sick of him.

(Laughs) Yeah that’s awesome.


The release of your new album ‘Going Grey’ is upon us. How are you feeling now it’s release time?

I’m feeling really good. I’m really excited to have it out. You don’t get too many release dates when you’re an artist so this ones doing well.


The Front Bottoms are known to be a band with many members on stage and a 4 piece line up but this time around it is just you and Brian credited in the band. What happened there? Did you and Brian piss some people off?

(Laughs) We just like to keep it freaky and that’s all that was.


With that being said is it just going to be you two performing White Stripes style or will you have a touring band?

We’re still going to hit the stage with a full band behind us. We’ll have a few more added things; too, we’re going to actually have a cellist and a violinist up on stage with us.


Now that sounds like something I’d pay good money to see. With that being said it’s a bit of a disappointment for Australian fans as we just had you out here earlier this yeah for your last album. Not to sound selfish but are you guys going to get yourselves here sooner so we celebrate the album with you? Or are we just going to have to wait like the losers we are?

No, we’ll make it happen. Australia is one of our favourite places so as soon as we can make it back we’ll be there. The flight getting there sucks so bad but we’ll be figuring it out and we’ll come back sooner than the last time.


‘Going Grey’ is your second release on Fuelled By Ramen. When it came to the creation process was it less daunting this time around?

I think it was easier going because having the experience of making the first record with a major label and picking out what worked for us and what didn’t work for us. This time around with this record we just cut out the bullshit of what we didn’t want to do and just make what we wanted. We were kind of relaxed about it and spaced it out a bit.


As a fan of The Front Bottoms, after listening to the new album, I’d say it was, for lack of a better word, calmer. I don’t like using the word “mature” so I’m going to try and change it a bit and say it’s a more produced, cleaner side of The Front Bottoms. Was that something the band was focussing on?

I think we focussed on it a bit. The production on this album is awesome. Whenever I listen back to the songs I think “oh yeah that part is sick” and I think we wanted to step it up a bit from the last time and we also wanted to step it down from ‘Back On Top’ where we recorded it in a really nice studio. Whereas this album was recorded in rooms, not even studios. It’s odd that we got better production during that way. It just works out.


Sticking to the creation process, when it came time to write and record this album did you go into with the fans in mind and what you think they’d want or was it more of a “What is the direction the band is heading?” situation?

I think we do a little it of both but we don’t think about it too much to be honest. We do keep the fans in mind but we also want to keep writing music that keeps making us excited and not just the same old songs? We don’t want to keep writing the same tracks over and over.



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