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Who are you and what are you doing here?

Hey! I’m Matt from Sydney band Gostwyck and I suppose the short answer to a pretty existentialist question is that i’m here because we’re about to release some new music and playing a heap of shows to celebrate that.

How did the band start?

I always find this tricky to answer – the truth of it is that myself and Gus (Keyboardist) grew up sharing a tormented and desperate love for Emma Watson (Hey Em if you’re reading). We concluded that one day we might meet her if we did something profound and noticeable in the public sphere, so we decided to start a band. The pursuit continues, but we’ll keep you posted. 

Tell us a little about the new song and video…

The new single Riverstone is a song that explores the ever changing nature of our expectations and reality. It looks at that longing we have in searching for meaning found in someone or something, and what it means to hold onto that hope amidst all of the chaos and turmoil. The video follows the plot of a young boy who has a similar struggle in losing something that he has a particular affinity with. It was recorded with Lewis Mitchell, filmed by the wonderful Marli Lopez and edited by Aleisa Jelbart, all people we were stoked to work with. We found that the nostalgic vibe of the visuals, and their sad reality coupled well with the track and particular lyrical ideas like the line, “I can’t let it go easy” which really encapsulates these ideas in the young boys unrelenting pursuit of what he loves.

How was it recording at Parliament with Lewis? So much amazing music happens in that place!

Lewis is one of the greatest men you’ll ever meet and his commitment to our project has been unparalleled. He has such an attention to detail when it comes to every tone on the record, which sometimes feels like a slog, but we all know that it is worth it in the long run.

You guys are about to kick off a hefty 12 show tour, whats the prep been like?

Haha – yeah. Its been pretty crazy but we’re actually just so keen for it! I can honestly say that we all feel so lucky to be taking our music to new places and that people in them wanna see us play and support the vision. It’s something I can pretty confidently say none of us will ever take for granted.

What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement as a band?

For me its the really small things that go a long way. A lot of my lyrics have come from pretty crap times in life – and I remember one of those bottom of the barrel moments after a pretty heavy break up where I sat in the shower scratching into the fogged up glass “you’ve got friends that I used to know” (which would later form the chorus of a song off our first EP). It wasn’t really until the tour for that record that I realised the weight those lyrics could bear when they were being sung back at us by a few hundred people. Its surreal – irreplaceable. 

Tell us 3 local bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Definitely CREO – we’ve known them for a while now and they’re sweet dudes who I really feel are on the precipice of something big. Bad Pony have played what seems like a million shows in the past couple of years and have a sick vibe, give them some love. We were also fortunate enough to play with central coast band The Moving Stills a little while back, who have a real chill setup and are creating some cool music.