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Interview – JJ of Deez Nuts


With their new album ‘Word Is Bond‘ having just been released Deez Nuts are again ready to take our ears and the world by storm. I was lucky enough to have a chat with frontman/founder JJ Peters where we spoke about the meaning of the new album, life as touring musician and parent, JJ’s dream tour and more. ‘Word Is Bond‘ is out now Via UNFD and make sure you catch Deez Nuts on tour at one of the dates below.

Where abouts are you at the moment?

I am currently in Düsseldorf, Germany hanging out with my daughter before this tour. We’re just chilling while she watches Peppa Pig and I’m talking to you on the phone.


Sounds like a perfect time to me.

Yeah. It really is a really chill place to be at right now.


How old is your daughter?

She is a year and a half.


How do you find being a full time touring artist and also being a father?

I think it’s going to be a constant learning curve to be honest because she changes all the time. It’s difficult but it’s one of those things where it is what it is. If I’m going to be a father and a good provider then I’ve gotta do my job and this is my job so as much as it’s hard to be away, if I want to set her up to be comfortable, then this is the only way I know how. This is what I’ve been doing since I was a kid so that’s really how it is. I guess I’ve found peace in that the average father who works 9-5 would probably get tired and would see their kid for 1-2 hours before they go to sleep and then maybe spend the weekends with them. Where as when I’m not on tour, which is blocks of months at a time, I’m with her constantly day in day out so there is a real connection there.


And It’d be good for her to see her dad working a job that he absolutely loves and giving her hope that its not just several years of school just to work a boring 9-5 job.

Yeah man, for sure. When I’m with her I’m in a good place, I’m comfortable taking care of her and like I said I can be with her 24 hours a day and my world revolves around her in those periods.


Well going from one of your creations to your musical creations… You’ve got your new album ‘Word Is Bond’ coming out very soon. How do you feel to have that finally hitting the ears of everybody?

I’m really excited, man. Well its always exciting to have a new project out regardless, but with this project in particular it’s a step forward for us in a lot of ways and I’m excited to hear what people think about that. Also with the last album we had already had that mixed and mastered a year before it got to people so by the time it came to playing those songs live for the first time they were already old to us. But with this album everything hit the mark perfectly and we already had a release date before we were even out of the studio and we’ve managed to hit that mark and for the first time in DN history everything has run smoothly and we haven’t gone overtime with anything. It’s really cool to release an album while everyone in the band is still buzzing on the songs and the album. So hopefully if everyone is as excited as we are when the album comes out we’ll still be in the same headspace when we play these songs live.


It’s been stated that this album is confronting exactly what happens when the party stops. Did you want to go into a bit more detail about where you were at when you were writing this lyrically?

For starters I wanna say that there’s a couple of phrases in those press releases that need their “Tag Lines” and shit that’s written in bold that catches peoples attention. That is very true with that line cause we are “confronting what happens when the party stops” but I don’t want that to conjure up the idea that all of a sudden DN has become the anti-party like with the last I’m telling everyone to get fucked up and then with this album I’m telling them all to go straight edge, that’s not the case. It’s more about the fact that on those albums I was reflecting on my real life and at that point in time all I wanted to do was party all the time and that’s what I was about for 10 years. Since our last album ‘Bout It’ and ‘Word Is Bond’ I’ve gone through a lot of changes in my life and shifted gears dramatically and drastically and in that period I went through some pretty dark times and this album is reflecting on that. So it’s not that I’ve given up on having a good time or that I think drinking and partying is a horrible thing, I still enjoy a drink I’m just at a different point in my life and I wanted to put those things behind me and the dark times behind me and use music as an output to reflect on that and get that stuff out of my system and that’s what I did with the album. So if it comes across like it’s speaking negatively about those things, it is in a way because that’s how I felt those times I wasn’t drinking and doing whatever else it was that I was doing. For the purposes of having a good time I was running away from things and I was having bad results and it was putting me in a dark place. So that’s what I was reflecting on, not those things as a whole, just my personal experiences.


It seems like you’ve come out of the darker times a lot more reflective and looking forward to the future.

For sure, man. Its like, the party doesn’t have to stop but life has to progress and you have to progress as a person in order to have any sort of growth mentally and physically. And that’s the gearshift that happened for me between those two albums.


That’s awesome to hear man. So with the band, you’ve had this current line up now for a few albums. How does it feel to have this consistent line up when it comes to writing and touring? Do you feel you’re getting that kind of family mentality?

It’s really cool, man. Just before Real Bad joined the band I was in a place where I didn’t really know where I was going to go with writing the next album and I was constantly having to change line ups and felt like we weren’t really progressing. So once Real Bad joined I started to feel like we were building something and then he got Alex in the band and once again that was a huge support in the band. And now having Sean Kennedy join the band, he’s obviously been a huge part of life during the I Killed The Prom Queen days and was apart of the original line up so the whole line up makes sense now. So for writing and for live shows we’re kind of in that place where the band probably should’ve been a long time ago but now it feels solid and it feels right.


You’re about to kick off you’re European tour with quite a few shows ahead of you. We’ve discussed how difficult it can be being away from your daughter but with having this many high energy shows going on does it end up taking its toll on you?

To be honest, we’ve been doing this for so long and I’ve personally been doing this for as long as I can remember so it’s just part and parcel of it. You’ve gotta keep in mind too that we’re also strongest and spend most of our touring schedule over here in Europe and over here tours don’t generally go any shorter than a month. And financially it’s not feasible to have days off so if you’re on tour for 6 weeks you’re basically playing a show everyday for those 6 weeks and that’s just what we’ve gotten used to. It’s not something that seems that grueling anymore, it’s more like if you have a day off you don’t know what to do with yourself and it’s a little bit odd. Physically I’m getting pretty old now so everything just hurts but it’s never been a bad thing. My knee plays up every now and then and it get irritated every now and then but generally I would say the thing that gets the most punishing for us is the drinking and what not. We hit it pretty hard, not that that’s any kind of shock, but when you wake up at 9am and start drinking and don’t stop till 6 in the morning then that’s going to start taking it’s toll on your body but once again that’s a choice and we can not do that. It doesn’t have to be a part of touring and the physical toll it takes is completely up to you.


Before going on tour, especially these 6 week long ones, do you put in a lot of thought in about who you want to take on tour considering you’re going to be sharing busses and vans and stages with them?

Yeah, that’s a huge thing for us. Sometimes to our detriment because sometimes labels want you to take out bands who will bring bigger crowds or who’s label can put you on bigger shows but we don’t pander to that shit cause we don’t want to tour with bands whose music we don’t like or who we don’t know as people. If we’re going to be on the road for 6 weeks it’s more important to us to tour with people we want to spend time with and bands we want to listen to every night.


Well with that being said and also having to wrap the interview up, if you were given the chance for Deez Nuts to tour with any 2 bands dead or alive, who would you choose?

Off the top of my head, that means it must be pretty honest, the first two bands to jump to mind were Deftones and Transplants cause I think that would be fucking awesome. But to make it a little less selfish I’d probably say Deftones and Jay-Z and obviously we’d be on before them but I know Jay-Z is Real Bad’s favourite artist of all time. I think us getting to play with them would be pretty incredible.




Thursday 4 June – The Brightside, Brisbane (18+)
Tickets available from http://weareunified.oztix.com.au

Friday 5 June – The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney (18+)
Tickets available from http://weareunified.oztix.com.au and http://gobookem.com

Saturday 6 June – Red Rattler, Sydney (AA)
Tickets available from http://weareunified.oztix.com.au

Sunday 7 June – Magpies, Canberra (Lic/AA)
Tickets available from http://weareunified.oztix.com.au

Tuesday 9 June – HQ, Perth (AA)
Tickets available from http://weareunified.oztix.com.au

Wednesday 10 June – Amplifier Bar, Perth (18+)
Tickets available from http://weareunified.oztix.com.au

Thursday 11 June – Fowlers Live, Adelaide (Lic/AA)
Tickets available from http://weareunified.oztix.com.au and http://moshtix.com.au

Friday 12 June – Arrows, Melbourne (AA)
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Saturday 13 June – Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Tickets available from http://weareunified.oztix.com.au and http://ticketscout.com.au





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