Laura Palmer are wrapping it up this weekend, we caught up with Niam to check in on how the guys are feeling about the last three shows happening in Sydney this weekend and Melbourne on August 5th.

Hey! How is the week treating you so far?

Very well thanks, looking forward to getting out of Melbourne this weekend, it’s freezing.

So Laura Palmer is no more. What’s the strongest emotion you have around that? Sadness? Pride? Relief? Something else entirely?

Well, it is kind of sad, a lot has gone into the band over the years, I would have liked to put out a proper full length, but, overall I feel happy we get to do these last shows and I feel quite relieved we can move on with something new. I am pleaseed I can use the opportunity to create something new, fresh starts are always positive.

How has the live music landscaped change from when you started the band, or even since you first started playing live shows? Have any changes you’ve seen been part of the reason for wrapping up LP?

In Australia it has always been much the same for us, I put on a lot of the shows we play so it is pretty DIY. I think it is great there is a lot of bands who came up from the DIY or punk scene doing really well on a national scale, I hope it continues to grow and exposes more people to this kind of music.

In your farewell post you mentioned this was not the end of band members musical endeavours, are there plans to work together on a new project?

Stu and I have been playing in bands together for about 20 years so I can’t see us stopping anytime soon, plus if I don’t have a band I go a bit crazy so I really need that as an outlet, I imagine something will be popping up sooner rather than later.

Any chance you’ll be putting out any unreleased Laura Palmer tracks before saying goodbye forever?

There is nothing else unfortunately, everything we have recorded is out in the world already.

The ‘final shows’ journey begins this week, do you have any expectations for these shows? Anything you want to let people know before they kick off?

I am just really happy we are playing with such great bands, The Cutaways are one of the best bands in the scene at the moment in my opinion, I’m really glad we get to share the stage with them in Sydney and Melbourne, Black Heart Breakers are also a great band and so are all the bands we are playing with. I am super stoked we asked a lot of bands we really like and they said yes. We are going to be playing the last show in Melbourne as a four piece with two guitars so I am looking forward to playing a lot of songs we haven’t played in a long time and doing some fun covers.

Is there any message/sentiment/story Laura Palmer would like to leave people with?

A couple of guys who came up to us after one of our recent shows kept ranting and raving at us about how they hadn’t seen a band so casually just cut loose like we had in forever and it just made them so stoked that there were bands out there like that. In a world of scripted sincerity and over the top stage banners I like to think that we are keeping it real to some extent – I mean to be fair these guys were totally wasted out of their minds, but hey, I like that romantic idea of a beautiful trainwreck that could go either way, pure brilliance or pure shit.

Catch Laura Palmer for the last time at one of their final 3 shows, dates below.