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Interview – Lewis Watson

“It was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done”. Words of regret from Lewis Watson as he tells me of his massive bike ride him and his manager did in Sydney on a 47degree day. This was done to “beat the jet lag”. After asking Lewis about the heat he told me that in his hometown of Oxford the hottest he has seen it was 31degrees. “People thought they were going to die” Lewis laughed.


Now that we got the cliché weather talk out of the way, Lewis and I get into the thick of it all. The “it” being his second full length album ‘midnight’ which is out via Cooking Vinyl Australia this Friday, March 24th. “I’ve been sitting on the finished product for over a year” Lewis informs me with a touch of frustration in his voice. “In an ideal world I could record the album and drop it Beyonce style but unfortunately I’m not that big so there is a lot of behind the scenes and PR stuff to do”.


Although having a full album written and recorded for over a year in his hands Lewis tries to steer away from writing for any future projects. “If I have an idea for a melody or vocal line I’ll record it on my phone but will leave it with all the other ideas until it’s time”.


At any mentioning of the album you can see Lewis’ face light up with pride. When asked about the recording process this time around Lewis speaks proudly. “We recorded it all live, which was a great experience for me. It pushed me as a recording artist. There was really no room for mistakes”. Having worked with producer Anthony West (half of Oh Wonder) really gave Lewis an interest in the production side of things as. “I really loved seeing these ideas come to life.” When speaking of the little intricacies such as the use of the Hammond Organ Lewis states “what may seem like something so simple can turn the song into something completely different.”

Will producing his own or other artists records be something he’d be keen on doing in the future? “Definitely, I’ve done some studying to do with sound and the more I’m learning the more I’d love to take on that role”


There is no shame to Lewis wearing his influences on his sleeve. After telling me some of his influences including Death Cab For Cutie I brought up to Lewis how I noticed the death cab vibes to the opening drums on the lead single ‘little light’ which shows similarities to the DCFC song ‘Grapevine Fires’. He was stoked that someone had picked up on that, “I love that you can hear that. It was definitely a tip of the hat to those guys. I love that band”.


Having played in front of the Opera House, then inside the Opera House opening for Birdy I thought it only suitable to put the question of Lewis Watson and the SSO forward. “I would absolutely love to do that” Lewis exclaimed. “I’ve always had a respect for classical music and would love one day to do that”


But for now with the release of ‘midnight’ just around the corner Lewis is focussing on touring this album first. “I’ll be back here in June to play my biggest Australian shows and I’m really excited to show this material live to all of you. Australia has been a surprising support of my music and I couldn’t be more happy to be getting to head back so soon”.


‘Midnight’ is released this Friday, March 24th through Cooking Vinyl Australia

Pre-order midnight HERE


Catch Lewis on Tour this June.


lewis watson australian tour


thursday 15 june – the factory theatre, sydney (lic/aa)

friday 16 june – the triffid, brisbane (lic/aa)

saturday 17 june – the evelyn hotel, melbourne (18+)

sunday 18 june – the evelyn hotel (all ages) – 2pm show

wednesday 21 june – fowlers live, adelaide (lic/aa)

thursday 22 june – astor theatre lounge, perth (all ages)




tickets on sale Now

presented by select touring and blue murder

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