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Interview + Live Review with As It Is

Interview with Patty Walters, AS IT IS

By brydon maslin BM


With the release of there sophomore record “OKAY” via fearless records I got to speak with singer Patty Walters of AS IT IS, about the new record, the concept and messages within the record.


Good morning Patty (PW) thanks for taking time out to speak with us. BM


Morning its my pleasure (PW)


With the new record what is the concept and how was the process creating “OKAY” BM


The concept was to try talk about issues and life experiences we as a band and personally experienced, the writing of the record itself was a lot more personnel and took us all out of our comfort zone. We actually had to fight through a lot of barriers but battled through for the benefit of the production.


Throughout the whole process we shared more as a band then ever before and were more transparent with how we wrote. We definitely pushed ourselves creatively.


What was your biggest hope once the record was released. BM


Hoped mainly by us making it more personnel that the record appeals to our fans and connects us all on a deeper level.


What reactions have you had to the record so far. BM


The reactions have been amazing and very positive although at first we were scared with how much we put into the record that we would get a negative response due to how different “OKAY” is from happy ever never after(2015).


What is your favourite song. BM


Well for me it would have to be Hey Rachel, it’s a song I wrote for my sister and how when we were younger I didn’t understand a lot of what was going on in her life and how sorry I am for not being there when she needed me.


Finally Patty what are you most looking forward to with the upcoming tour. BM


Well with coming to Australia we really love playing shows there because unlike most tours we do 2 or more shows in each city so we actually get to explore the city and see what the country has to offer.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with me Patty and look forward to seeing you Down under. (BM)


Thank you and see you soon.


AS it is 01/01/2017

Rosemount hotel North perth WA


I was lucky enough to catch ‘As it is” at the beginning of their Australian tour. From the start of the evening I didn’t know what to expect from the show with only about 50 in attendance at the 18+ show, but once the boys took the stage the crowd was not disappointed with the band playing as if the venue was at capacity. The passion and emotion of “OKAY” was visable in the live show and at the end of the set I left feeling as if I had a personal connection with them. With the new record in its early stages and already seeing such a huge response from fans we can expect big things from the Brighton boys in the next 12 months and I will definitely be seeing them on the next trip down under.

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