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Interview: Manek Deboto of Dead Inside The Chrysalis & Dedderz

Usually we write little introductions to interviews, you know….a bit about the band or artist, the topics, that sort of stuff. I can’t do that here, I think I just need to allow Manek Deboto from Sydney’s most loved Cyberpunk band Dead Inside The Chrysalis and newest dead beat offering Dedderz speak for himself, in whatever form that may be…..just read!

Hey Manek, lets start at the beginning – tell us about your first musical project? Was it DITC or do you have even earlier musical roots?

“You’ll have to excuse me, I just had a face tranzmogrification… it’s the latest thing in facial plasmatic distortion… its still settling in I’m afraid. “—Man-Ek D-Bot-0 AKA The Future Manek From The Streets of 2099.

THE ‘REAL’ MANEK: Cool, Well let’s see… Before I became the cybernetic punk-rockin’ friendly neighbourhood spider-punk that citizens of earth have come to know and betroth, I was merely a mild mannered teen sub-humanoid tryna make my way in the world, looking for some sort of semblance of virtually real life.

It was when I hit the puberty years that it all turned mutant shaped, and My Adventures into the Dread-Zone were about to begin… [This is where you would cue the Manek Deboto Adventure Theme if I Had My Own TV Series.]

Whilst wearing a T-Shirt imprinted with the words ‘I WAS A TEENAGE MEGA HED !’ I came across… The P.E.T. Alien Hand…

*[Primordial Evolving Transmogrifyer]

It was just sitting in a shop window as plain as day for all matter of fuckerz to see… I was transfixed by it… it was almost as if it were calling to me… I had to possess it… nay, it had to possess me !

It was that day I became a man… The Man-ek Deboto, if you catch my drift 😉

The Powers of the PET Alien Hand were immense… I was able to tap into an evolutionary power-source, known as dreadwave, enabling me to freak out and hyper-activate the storage cells of and state of being… using an untapped source of mankind’s soul data, stored on a construct known as Earth 2.0 (AKA Parallel Oblivion – Earth’s Twin Sister).

Encryptions in the media were a kind of spider-punk-sense, alerting me to the powers that be… the cybernetic barriers restricting the world from connecting to the construct of Parallel Oblivion… I found thru music I could awaken entities from the other side to aid me in my quest to awaken this world from its stasis… to reconnect the human race in the Offlining of virtual man… *See the Holograves of Quantum Stonehenge.

So, Manek Deboto had awoken within me… a Modem to the otherside… a place known as Parallel Oblivion… Earth’s Twin Sister…

From here all my mystical musical exploits are harnessed… the source of evolution of our humanity’s true potential.

Here Lies: Dedderz

To be continued…

Your newest project Dedderz  seems to be going along a slightly different path from DITC, what would say are the main dfferences?

Dedderz is the brand given to the human-race as it resides in stasis-mode… awaiting the tranz-mutation into its true transapien reveal via the Hyper-Citizens whom reside on the phantom planet of Parallel Oblivion (otherwise known as Earth Twin Zero AKA Earth  2.0 AKA TranZsister Oblivion.)

Thru the bio-rhythms of their dreadwave mantras, the sigils embedded in their genetic fashion make-up via the Suicide Salon, and the output generated thru feedback responsive mutant-generators, Dedderz rez-erect their lives thru their penultimate strive for accelerated excellence in that which is referred to as the Excellence Serpentence.


The name given to the earth in its current formation by futurist savant – Manek LADRON Deboto.



The Omnicron Sigmatron (Operating System) Modulator Demodulator.


DITC (Dead Inside the Chrysalis) is a life-long concept for me… it allows a certain scope to attain / retain some sort of code to live by….

To break down the cybernetic / psychic barriers that imprison our true potential… to strive for new forms of development, progress and evolution,… to break free… to escape… To philosophise on the architecture of society’s fear walls projected around us… to hyper-activate the human race… to Release Your Freak !

Dedderz sees the evolution of DITC… into a multi-functional futurist brand … with the core of DITC’s philosophies as its basis… Dedderz serves as a kind of streamlined spin-off… allowing  new entry points into a larger system…. a chance to pool all the projects I’d been working on into one big psycho-pop frenzied mad-ball.

CrashLand is just one of the stories / audio adventures / un-realities carving its way into the cybernetic environment we find ourselves in… We exploring this hyper-virtual side thru our plasma cortex of dedderz.com

WARNING: Watch your back, Vid Kid, Whilst we gaze into the Prime-Order of the Glowing Purple Plasma Haze, the Zorp Dematerialises our spines and makes jelly slurpies from our minds…


Dedderz is now one of those things where we need to test the waters and see how we react to the catalyst of a live environment,

In my head it all seems like some sort of stadium hologram musical extravaganza at the moment… a mega-bio-punk-rock mutant musical spectacular … complete with hologram skull-girls… but for now I am content  with real life … my head hurts from living to close to the Lunatic Fringe… my brain is more beetroot than grey matter…

Which reminds me, did u hear about how California is being swamped with all those giant tumbleweeds…. Crushing surfers in the streets…Apparently, the tumbleweeds are made-up of all the fallen hair follicles from hair-metal bands over the last few decades…


Nuke Puke Em collaborates with you in both Dedderz & DITC – how long have you guys been making music together?

We’ve been making more than music actually… we’ve been doing the video nasty for quite some time now… we met thru the ded-dating channels of DITC… Nuke’s dedication to the cause, the way she buttered her eyes, the way she… well, the way of her way, y’know, all just melted into a perfect circuit of radio-active plasma love…

I immediately enlisted her into my ACTION FIGURES unit, y’know DITC’s cheerleader squad for Anarchy ! From there we became invincible…

Once we even had ourselves convinced that we were pilots in the dream sludge of all the best romance novels whilst we were flying into the yonder waterfalls jet-setting about in Wonder Woman’s invisible plane…

Along the way, we traversed into the DJS of Superhuman Size & Strength, as JOYSTIXX, Saving the Arcadians of DREAMEGA’S Arcade from the Bogus Devastation Meltdown of 1990…. We turned BAD Channel for a while there… but there was just no escape from the tranz-dimensional orgasm that is Dedderz Dimension.


What exactly is The Dead Beat Disco?

Director’s Commentary: I’m not really sure what it is… I used to know but now I’m mostly confused. I trap myself up with thought processes and lose my train of thought…

Actual Answer Before Revision: There is no exact answer for this… I’m afraid it shall remain a mystery until such a time that it is revealed to I, Manek Deboto via the Phantom Druids of Quantum Stonehenge… or perhaps you the reader might hazard a guess to what its all about huh ? here’s a clue… is it The marriage beat of the Mutant Generation Crystal Hearts Calender Girls… ?

Featured in March is Willow SpineShindler, the Invisible Annie Lennox Impersonator… the theme is An Uncanny X-Mass… if it wasn’t for the clog shoes she used to get around in, we wouldn’t have the faintest notion she was even here…

You guys are pretty unique both musically and in your live performances, who are your main influences?

He-Man & the Masters of the Universe…. Director David Cronenberg… Jim Henson… Charles Band… Friends & Family…

The dream dimensional ghost drug magus & miscellaneous haberdashery that includes:  Comic Books… futurism… Grant Morrison VS Jim Morrison … Jack Black RE:VS Jack White… Jet Lee & Cowboys … Beast Masters of Song & Sorcery …. the Universe According to This… Virtual Reality TV Pop Up Books, reading a comic book taking a dump, Troma ! Troma ! Troma !, b-grade movies, cock rock hair,  Roger & Hammerstein / Roger Moore & Wolfenstein / Atari Teenage Riot / Elijah Yellowbottom ….  Damn the Exitron… Wonder Woman’s Invisible Womanhood of the Travelling Panties… Kurt Cobain’s Leg Under the Christmas Tree …Eating His Courtney and Frances Beans… The Wishmaster Series… Freddy Kruegar’s Razor Glove… & David Bowie’s Weird Eye (For That which I must possess for its paranormal abilities … one day Jennifer, one day… )

Tell us a bit about Sniff This and The Mutant Generation…

“Based on Virtually Real Events…” – Sniff This Magazine 

“Meet the stars of a new reality… MAKE MINE MUTANT GENERATION !” – The UnReal Stan Lee

Woah” – Keanu Reeves Impersonator

A tabloid inspired news source for all things mega from the Phantom Port of Parallel Oblivion …. It works in par with THE OFFLINER: ENTERtainment Newz from the ‘other’ other-side – Stereo City’s No 1 Feed Source…

As well as Dedderz Online Virtual VIP Nightclub known as ACCESS DENIED – Enter the ElectriClub.

Here’s one of SNIFF THIS!’ headlines now.. it reads something along the white lines of…



This just in.. The Missing Links of OpRay Dorm, opening the port between Planet Earth and Parallel Oblivion… with their resurgence, they negate the great mutation agenda of mankind  … to evolve our true potential formation in the Great Transapien Wake…


Do u smell something ? something a bit funky on the ‘olfactory senses… well your probably Sniffin’ This ! The Megazine of the Mutant Generation…

(An extension of ‘Sniffin’ Glue’ – the ‘ol punk rock accessory.)

Do you have any shows coming up, and what can people expect?

Yes actually… The 2 most highly anticipated Shows of our century have been confirmed ….  DEDDERZ – Crashland Album Launch & DITC: The Ultimate Mutation.

DEDDERZ Live ! at the Burdekin this Friday 29th

This’ll be Dedderz Live Debut ! We’ll be stepping up to the Platform of Dread to showcase tracks from our online Electricult releases and launching a special edition of our CrashLand audio adventure starring myself as star-crashed, alien bebop, punk-rocker, Johnny Future on telepathic robo-guitar and Nuke Puke ‘Em playing the earthbound digital princess Keygen the Rhythm Enhancer…

We’ll also be introducing Dedderz’ Dread Jockey DJ – Hologram, he’ll be pumpin’ out the dreadwaves with his alien ghetto blaster !


Oh and maybe our ultra altered-egos , Vid Vicious 2.0 & Nancy X will make an appearance to shred it up with the power of BAD Channel in an unquantifiable live-action performance of  Dedderz’ Gone Viral EP – Out Now, mutherfuckerz !

Then after that, we’re rez-erecting the band that started it all, DEAD INSIDE THE CHRYSALIS with an all new all star line-up of new mutants from the Class of 2099… plus some hidden guest surprises… we’ll be playing tracks off DITC’s Humanoid Expansion Pack & the Class of 2099 & Night of the Spider-Punk releases…

That’s happening on Friday 13th July at Club77 Presented by Club Blink.

More info on dedderz.com

Lastly, if you could tour with any 3 bands, dead or alive, who would they be?

When u say ‘dead bands’ do u mean in like hologram form or like reanimated thru Jurassic Park genetic engineering style ?… ‘cause that always has a way of turning nasty… next thing ya know, there’s a rabid upgraded version of Sid Vicious being rebooted into the 31st Century, wearing some ridiculous cyberpunk make-shift mask…. And then what would we do ? Certainly not arm him with a microphone and have him front our band for a night… but in any event,  getting back to the question, I’d have to say the following:

The one known as DORM, for he is the Conductor of The 10,001 Piece Demonic Orchestra, from the depths of the abyss below… I caught him on the ‘When DORM Shall Tour He Shall Obliterate the Earth’ Tour ! It was totally great !

Zombie Bowie playing a black Andy Warhol clone in the strung out cocaine rage days.

Just then Manek’s Ultra-Altered Ego, Vid Vicious 2.0 Interjects and sayz,  “My pick would be … NEVERMND…. HERE’S THE FUK LASERZ ! Fronted by Charlie Machine… they’re my favourite band in the future… but merely mentioning that could jeopardise the time-space continuum, so best not print this.”


Vid: “Ah shut ya trap, SpamFace !”

And then, Manek resumes the interview…

Sorry about that, folks,… Walt Disney on Ice & I’d also like to see a Yanni and Batman TEAM-UP happen too if its not too much to ask !

Lastly I just wanna say, “I WAS A TEENAGE MEGA HED !!!!”

My Pet Alien Hand Salutes You !


Manek Fuckin’ Deboto


[soundcloud id=’18414995′]

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