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Interview – Mime Game

Mime Game

Who are you and what are you doing here? (what is your name?)
I’m Dillon Teague DeVoe and I’m an alien who has come here to bathe the world in soul and color and light and hopefully some beautiful music.
How did the band start?
Mime Game began as a personal outlet during my time as the singer and lyricist for Josephine Collective. It started as a way for me to explore other kinds of guitar-driven music that I was getting into. Listening to a lot of folk and blues, I would write songs on acoustic that would reflect a lot of these new influences. I tragically didn’t even listen to the Beatles until I was 18 when John Feldmann (Goldfinger, The Used) gave me his copies of Revolver and Rubber Soul. It was his guidance into the world of music that changed who I would ultimately become as a musician. I remember hearing the Shins shortly after that and thinking it was cool how a band who could use such a minimalistic sound with such heavy folk elements could still rock like that. After a few years of traveling and moving to different American cities I thought would influence me to write better music and find myself, I met my really good friend, Dalton Gomez, who has been this band’s lead guitarist for the past three years. Shortly after, I would meet our rhythm section in Chris Bradley (Bass) & Duncan Burnett (Drums) who have both been with the band for about a year.
How would you describe your band?
We are controlled chaos. A four-piece whose presence will leave you breathless and whose songs will make you get up and dance, involuntarily. We love our music and we love all music. We truly love every second we spend creating or playing for this band.
If you had to choose one song you’ve written that best defines your band which one would it be?
The End Of The Beginning is the title track for our upcoming album and its main lyric is: “We define what we love with a passionate chorus // Redefine what you love and it starts right now” and I really think that expresses where we are in our lives right now, what with the struggles we’re staring down just to be able to be here and do this and be able to make the music that we love. We really want to represent what it is to believe in something and make that leap of faith and see what happens when you really let yourself live. That line goes on to say: “Toe the line till your heart melts, or you rise up above it // Wake the light, now inside, or you’ll long forevermore” and that’s the idea that we’re hoping to inspire.
In this day and age where anyone is pretty much able to pick up an instrument, what would you say sets your band apart from the rest?
Aside from our drummer and I both producing, we have a lot of depth to our sonic background. Duncan has played gospel music for a lot of his life and is currently writing and producing a hip hop album; Dalton is a jazz guitarist who is also an amazing photographer with a keen eye and attention to detail as well as some sweet Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator skills; Chris Bradley started his time as a musician playing a lot of standup bass and is probably one of the single most entertaining human beings that I have ever met, and I was in a band that was signed to Warner Bros. Records by the time I was nineteen years old because I was so obsessed with making music and taking it to the masses. We’re a rare breed of individuals and a rare four-piece in that there’s no real focal point outside the fact that we’re all a band and we all make up 25% of something that you haven’t seen yet.
Where are people able to hear your songs?
Our music is available at Mimegame.com or on Spotify and iTunes with the occasional rare and streaming gem on Soundcloud, YouTube or BandCamp
Are you playing any shows anytime soon and do you have any plans for a trip down under? 
We have a regional grouping of dates (In the Midwest, smack dab, right in the middle of this American mess) for February and down into Austin, TX in March for SXSW and then we’re working on our album with Rick Parker (The Von Bondies, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) so we should be looking at touring this fall. Hopefully we can make our way down to Australia around then or in the beginning of next year. I know that we’re really ready to expand and I’ve personally been dreaming of coming to Australia since I was a kid. Recently, one of my friends scared the shit out of me with a story about Stonefish so maybe you guys can help me avoid them!
What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement as a band?
The fact that I’m even in a band since Josephine breaking up and feeling like I was back at square one, and I know my bandmates have felt like life was creeping up on them and like the silver lining was receding, I’m just happy to be alive and playing. It feels good to have people paying attention again. It feels good to be releasing our music video on GuitarWorld.com on Thursday. Everything, honestly. It just feels awesome to be in a band that I love again.
Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?
Manchester Orchestra, Mansions, and All Get Out. I know that these bands are already getting a lot of great press and that they’re really awesome and that a lot of people know them but those are the bands that popped into my head.
Anything else you’d like to add?
I love music and the whole culture that surrounds it so it feels really good to be a part of it again. Especially because now I can show people exactly who I truly am.