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Interview – Neon Tetra + Stream

Stream ‘Run From The Ruins’ below.

Who are you and what are you doing here? (what is your name, what is the band and what is your role in the band?)

Hi my name is Liam, I play bass and record, mix, and master for Neon Tetra

How did the band start?

Neon Tetra began as a basement experiment into different sounds, instruments and styles. Over many jams, beers, and instrument changes we finally settled with the fact that we have no intention of settling at all. The result is a continually evolving creative vision, with each new release introducing new grooves and influences; a snapshot of where we are on our musical journey.

How would you describe your band?

Psych on the outside and groovy on the inside. The heart of Neon Tetra is our tightly locked in sense of rhythm which breathes life into the dreamy synth laden harmonies and effortless melodies that sit atop.

No matter which era happens to be acting as our muse for a particular release, those elements will always remain the same.

If you had to choose one song you’ve written that best defines your band which one would it be?

Our latest release, Run from the Ruins, is an alchemical distillation of everything we’d hoped to create with our first two EPs. Our psych-rock roots are on full display, from the raucous drumming to the ethereal synth-scape, we’ve compressed a lot of Neon Tetra’s early influences into this track.

In this day and age where anyone is pretty much able to pick up an instrument, what would you say sets your band apart from the rest?

We’re set apart by our release schedule. I’m quite proud to say we released four distinct records (2 EPs & 2 singles) in our first year as a band and it appears as though we’re only getting faster. Currently poised to release Run from the Ruins, we’ve already completed tracking the 70s Motown inspired EP that is to follow. We enjoy every element of this process, and aren’t afraid to write something, release it, and dive into the next idea.

Where are people able to hear your songs?

All of your favourite streaming services, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp etc. However, the true experience is at one of our gigs!

What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement as a band?

Our good friends from Zen Panda recently released their self-titled EP to a full house at Jive. We were lucky enough to be one of the bands performing that night and were blown away by the amount of love and warmth our music received. Our ambition has always been to use our music to provide listeners with same the joyous escape we experience from performing it, and that night was the closest we have come yet.

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?
MANE, Zen Panda, The Winter Gypsy.

Anything Else you’d like to add?
A huge amount of love to Hebe Sayce! She has produced some mind blowing artwork for us and her talent has earned her a nomination in the SA Music Awards this year for her ‘Reflections’ piece. Her support has been unconditional and awesome and we’re so appreciative. Thanks Hebe!