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Interview – Protest The Hero


Shaun Irwin had a chat with Rody Walker of Protest The Hero about Their up coming Australian tour and a whole lot more. Check below the interview for tour dates.

Hello there, is that Rody speaking?


This is he

Hello Rody, its Shaun from cooltry how are you?
I’m quite well how are you Shaun?


I’m pretty cold at the moment, but trying to stay warm

Is it cold there right now?

Maybe not compared to Canada, but it gets kinda cold here for us

okay, okay, im withholding judgement

I guess you might see for yourself if its chilly when you’re here. Are you excited for the Australian tour?

Oh yeah, especially cause that’s right as our summer’s winding down and we don’t have much of a summer so we’d like to extend it as much as possible. I think even cold for you guys is maybe pretty warm for us, so I’m excited about that and we’ve only been once before and had a magical time so I’m excited to come back!

Right on, right on. Any chance of any Kezia favorites on this tour?

Yeah, uhm I mean I don’t know what the set list is, I rarely go to practice, we typically keep like, blindfolds aside in the set, we have a couple of ones that are expected, or that we’re required to play, so they’re always in there.

Absolutely, now recently on your instagram, you stated through a jingle that you intend on killing Santa Claus, is there any chance of a Christmas or anti-christmas album coming up, and do you believe Kanye West will feature on it?

I believe…I don’t know, I guess I just ended up singing a jingle around my house and I was like hey! This all rhymes and its good, so it put on instagram! I hold no intention of killing Santa Claus

So no animosity towards him?

No of course not, and it was an original xbox, I wasn’t talking about a 360 or xbox one, I was talking about just xbox…xbox.

I didn’t even know you could get those anymore?

nah pretty sure you can’t, and that’s the problem

I’ll try my best to get one for you in September, but no promises

I appreciate that

Now I’m sure you’ve been asked a lot of questions recently about recording with Chris Adler, and I know you and the guys in the band have toned them down a bit, but was there any beard envy when you were recording with him?


I mean so much beard envy, I mean, it is just like a goatee though? So its not that crazy, but I see that thing and I look at it and I’m like, you’ve probably been growing that for twenty years now, his beard is almost as old as I am, but it is at the end of the day a goatee

So you shaving your beard has nothing to do with him having a very mighty beard, or goatee?

uh no, me shaving my beard has everything to do with my lack of a chin. I forgot whether or not it was there and then I shaved my beard off and it turns out that it wasn’t and here I am looking like that beaker character from the muppets

That’s fair enough, very good hahahah
Now, another question you’re probably asked a lot or maybe not at all. Arif left to focus on other projects as you’ve previously stated. Is one of these projects Iran Maiden?

haha Iran maiden… no I don’t think he’s ever done that yet, I ‘m sure he’s considered it at one point, but I think he’s pretty through with metal as it were. He was never really the biggest metal fan to start out and I think playing all those festivals and playing all those tours with some of the cheesiest and most metal bands of all that he’s had his fill, he’s met his quota and I don’t know if he’ll ever play anything heavy metal again
I suppose that’s fair enough, I suppose you got a lot out of him


Now, you’ve got Mike and Cam on board with the band, has there been any writing with them and if not do you think they’ll add a new dynamic to the writing?

Well Cam was actually involved with a lot of the writing for volition, he produced the record and when Moe left the band, he’d left before we’d done most of the writing and Luke’s never written anything without a drummer so Cam helped him out with the programming and some of the actual writing itself, so nothing really changed there. Now Mike’s a different story cause he, in his older band The Kindred, allegedly wrote everything start to finish so there’s gonna be a little bit of a learning curve for him when it comes to writing. I’m sure he’ll bring some very interesting things from his past but I mean, some of the initial stuff he’s shown us, he was writing songs in their fucking entirety. He’s shown them to us and it sounds very much like his old band. He’s still working and he’s writing songs and it starting to sound more and more like us so I think for out next release we’re gonna have an abundance of material to pick and choose from, hopefully it’ll be our best yet.

Well you guys keep putting out great album after album so..

I hope so, everyone thinks that though “oh our newest record is out best record” Its not always true, well its never true

well you’ve obviously got fans, myself included, who think that Kezia’s always going to be the best album that protest the hero’s put out.


Yeah we hear that

I’ve got a question about Volition, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned or taken away from crowd funding?


I think one of the big things that I learned was that no matter how much money you make, it’s really easy to spend it all if you’re not paying attention, we sort’ve miscalculated just how much it would cost to send all of the units out, and also we went to this like, big fucking shiny studio and we paid a tonne of money to do that, when its like we coulda done it in a bedroom somewhere and it woulda sounded the very same. I mean it was a good experience being in that studio, but we coulda retained some of that money and put it into things like music videos, put it into touring support, put it into our pockets for Christ’s sake! That’s one thing that I really really learned about this indiegogo, its not necessarily as lucrative as it might seem.

And do you think the next album is going to be crowd funded as well? Or are you guys gonna go through a label?

I don’t think going through a label is an option anymore, we’ll see, it really depends on the climate of music at the time and of our band. More than likely, it will be crowd funded again, and I think we’ll do it better this time. There was a lot of problems with people receiving their packages like months and months after ordering them and shit like that and we’ve learned from all of those mistakes. I think we can do it properly this time if we choose to go down that path

Right on, and what do you think would happen if you guys didn’t achieve your goal like last time in terms of funding


I think if we do it again, it won’t be as magnificent as last time, I don’t think it will be as crazy, I don’t think our goal will be as high. I really don’t think it could be as crazy as last time, but I don’t know, if it didn’t happen we’d still have discussions. Like when it came to doing this record and putting out the indiegogo and even up until a couple days before the indiegogo finished, we said you know no matter if this makes 200,000 dollars or just 200 dollars, we gotta figure out a way to make this fucking record on this budget, and I’m sure it’d be the very same.


Right on, I don’t have a lot of time left so I’ll keep the last few questions relatively short. You’re active on tumblr aren’t you?

Yeah, a little bit


I do remember a few months ago, someone was arguing with you about the topics of your lyricism and feminism


Do you have any views or standpoints on the current “wave” of feminism on tumblr?


Tumblr is…a stupid place. It is home to some of the stupidest dicks on earth, but there’s also a lot of fun stuff on there. I think its like any other social media, it should be taken with a grain of salt, unfortunately, it seems to me like a lot of elitists get in there. I don’t know if you saw recently they waged war on 4chan, but that was absolutely hilarious.

I didn’t see that

Oh its funny, its definitely worth having a look. I don’t really have any opinion on it, for the most part, its people trying to be the best people that they’re capable of and I think that’s quite a nice thing. But theres also a lot of finger pointing and name calling and its very childish and ridiculous. I think tumblr at its basic is quite nice, that’s my opinion on it.

That’s absolutely fair. Lets finish up with two more quick questions
I know you’re a fan of dogs, dogs rule, what’s your favourite dog? If you have one

I like the Staffordshire terrier, they’re just like tiny weird little pitbulls and they’re just funny as fuck. I don’t have one of those but if its ever legalised in Ontario I will be adopting one.

Awesome! Last question for ya, will we see any cheddar cheese and the mousetrap shows when you guys are down here in September?

Probably not, I mean I could maybe get it together

I think you should, and if not at least try Tuesdays with Maury, Australians are quite fond of smoking, so it’d be quite a hit

Alright, I’ll see what I can put together, I might have to get some new members, probably have to choose them from our band or our crew. I’ll see what I can work out. Maybe play an acoustic Tuesdays with maury or whatever it is, if that’s not an option

Well if you can that would be absolutely splendid. Thank you for your time today Rody, we look forward to seeing you and the guys in September

Nice talking to you man, take care.

Protest The Hero Australian Tour Dates

Thursday, September 4th
The Hi Fi, Brisbane 18

Friday, September 5th
Manning Bar, Sydney 18

Saturday, September 6th
The Hi Fi, Melbourne 18

Sunday, September 7th
The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart Lic/AA

Tuesday, September 9th
Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic/AA

Wednesday, September 10th
Amplifier Bar, Perth 18

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