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Interview – The Saba Brothers

Sydney’s always been known for its love of great music and eclectic taste.

For NSW rock trio ‘S3′ otherwise known as ‘The Saba Brothers’ add to the notion that 

music can shape the way we all treat one another. We had the chance to have a yarn with these talented young lads about their latest single and what’s further in store for their listeners.



It’s a pleasure to have you guys here thanks for talking the time to chat with us.

I have to say firstly that I worked with my brother for a measly 3 weeks before generating a mild tick.  How do you guys find working together as siblings and are there any Oasis style shenanigans happening behind closed doors?


Thank you for having us! As brothers we share a pretty special bond. We are a close knit family so we’ve never really thought of ourselves any other way. Though we are brothers, we are all individuals with different attributes but we all share the same common goal and that is to create music. Rehearsals, song writing and jam sessions are easy to co-ordinate because we all live under the same roof. It’s great that there’s three of us because it means there’s always a referee if needed. And if we’re competing, you can always be guaranteed a podium spot.



So walk us through S3… You all obviously have a great passion for music and are all heavily involved in the creative process. Tell us about how the band came about and how fate it seems gave you all 3 completely different gifts to form a band together?


As children we all had our own interests. Myself Ray, I enjoyed trying out a little guitar in primary school. Steve tried out some drumming also in primary school. But we didn’t get the full experience there so I guess we just tucked our instruments away. But when we were watching X-Factor 2010 it sparked our interests again. And Nathan who was just 6 years old then, was obsessed with watching this show. It brought out an interest in all of us I guess. And it just went from there.


As a collective, what acts would be on your road trip playlist that inspired you to head down the line of rock and roll?


We have been inspired by so many different eras of music and so many different artists. Some of which are current and some that were before our time. So if you were on a road trip with us, you would hear anything from Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Queen, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran…just to name a few. They have all contributed to who S3 has become to be.


Your brand new E.P ‘LIFE’ gives the listener a pretty good indication of what you guys are about. Can you tell us what the music means to you and who if any are the main songwriters?


We always want to create music that sounds good, feels good and has a beat that you just can’t forget. This is our goal. But for us, we have another goal of ensuring our music elevates and empowers listeners. Music and lyrics can be pivotal points in a person’s life, mood and decision making. It can empathise with you, it can comfort you, it can encourage you and it can pick you up when you are down. We are all songwriters. Sometimes it is just one of us that writes lyrics to a whole song. Sometimes it’s a combination of two of us or all three of us. Sometimes a beat, riff or melody comes first and then our lyrics fall into place. Sometimes mum and dad even have a contribution to make! One of our songs came about simply out of tuning the drum kit and a beat was born.


The first release from this E.P titled ‘Walk Away’ is due for release on Friday the 10th of August. Was this a stand out track for you guys to release as the first single?  What has the feedback been so far to those who have heard it?


We have released a couple of singles prior to this song “Walk Away” but this particular song, or this whole EP rather, is music at another level for us. As we get older, we have more experiences and further understanding of what life is all about. This evolution is heard in our music as we have matured personally and professionally. This song is written to pump out the message that we all deserve to be valued. That we should always remove ourselves out of a negative or toxic situation. To have self-respect and walk away from anyone that doesn’t want to respect those around them.


It’s such a positive and upbeat track that basis itself around real life issues.   Do you guys always write about past experiences?  Take us through the writing procedure and how it all gels together?


Quite often our songs are about our own experiences. We are only in our teenage years so there’s so much yet to experience! But as an example, track no.5 on the EP “What Ya Gonna Do” is our song against bullying. This is something that Nathan experienced when he was a lot younger and he wrote his feelings and frustrations down on paper and this song was created. We recorded this in 2016 when Nathan was only 11 years old. But on this EP, we have stripped it right back to an unplugged acoustic rendition of this song, this time sung by Steve. This track is very personal to us.

And then we sometimes write songs about what we see others going through. For example track no.4 “I choose Life” was based on an autobiography of a friend who struggled with their life and contemplated giving up and taking their own life to escape this world. So you see if it is not our own experiences it can be from those around us.


You guys have also had some success in a number of competitions of late and are heavily involved in a number of charities including ambassadors for Melbourne’s very own ‘Bully Zero’.  Tell me a bit about it all and how important is it for you guys to get behind such great organisations?


We’ve entered a few competitions such as Balmain Blitz, Emergenza, Uberfest and Home Ground Heroes just to name a few, because it pushes us and gives us more experience. We love performing together but it is also great to see and hear other bands performing. We are supporting our own and growing while we do so.


It is an honour to be NSW Ambassadors of Bully Zero Australia Foundation (BZAF). As mentioned earlier, our debut single was our Anti-Bullying Anthem. Our song was recognised by BZAF and this contributed to our ambassadorship. It was a great honour when our song was used at the 2017 Bully Zero Annual Charity Ball. To see it on the big screen and used in that setting really meant a lot to us. Any time we have a gig, we always try to raise funds to contribute towards BZAF – to support them in delivering education about bullying to Australians wherever possible.


And lastly just before we go, did you have any upcoming gigs and where can we find your music?


Our next gig is 4th September at Restaurant 317 Church St Parramatta! And after our HSC candidate (Steve) has completed his exams we’ll be booking many more gigs in the near future. But all of our music is available digitally on iTunes, Playstore, Spotify, YouTube etc.


Really great to see new music coming out of Sydney and we look forward to hearing from you guys in your next release!


Thank you for having us!

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