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Interview – Tommy Rutland PLUS Album Stream



Who are you and what are you doing here??)

I am Tommy Rutland. Why am I here? I don’t even know where I am. Im on a flight at the moment somewhere over the pacific ocean


When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

I saw a Rage Against The Machine video clip when I was super young! The energy. power, aggression and passion..I was like YES! thats me


How would you describe your music?

My musics cool and fun, I wouldn’t do it otherwise. If Im not having fun with it Im done with it.


If you had to choose one song you’ve written that best defines your sound which one would it be?

Listen to ‘Poison’ It has a good mix of head banging bouncy thrash pop, rock with a little bit of electric shit


In this day and age where anyone is pretty much able to pick up an instrument, what would you say sets you apart from the rest?

I would say 10 years of touring and experience has set me apart from the bedroom musician. Overseas touring, record deals, TV shows all that crazy stuff I have done in the past has given me a bunch of stories to tell. You can’t download that kinda shit!


Where are people able to hear your songs?

Luckily for me I have pretty great SEO on google, just search ‘Tommy Rutland’ and you can get a hold of all my stuff. You can get my album on iTunes and Spotify too.


Are you playing any shows anytime soon?

I have just dropped my album and about to land back in Aus after 3 months in the US. Im definitely super pumped to get some Aussie shows happening once the album has had bit of time to circulate.


What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement as a musician? 

Thats a pretty hard question to answer but when you are young you start bands with your mates, If your lucky enough something might catch on and you can sell out your local venue. Thats a fucking crazy feeling, making shit happen together.


Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Have a look at ‘Plague Vendor’ they’re Epitaph Records new signing. I love a good band with a great frontman.

My buddy Jarad has a band called World Wild, Thats some new fresh fun sounding tunes.

Check out an artist called ‘Kanye West’ too. Above and beyond the controversy there’s someone kicking down brick walls and challenging peoples thinking. Music cannot be stagnant anymore, Theres far too much shit popping up on the net, In order for us to move forward music has to be dangerous again.


Anything Else you’d like to add?

Cool Try is cool shit stick with it and follow them!

Get me on instagram too TMYRTLND. I have some crazy pics from the states and a lot of new shit coming out soon too.