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Interview with Wasters + New Video

Hey fellas! Good to be chatting. Thanks for letting me check out the new video, such a great piece storytelling. I understand you basically handed the song over to Matt Clements and let him do what he wanted? Was that a bit nerve wracking? Haha.

That’s right. It was a demo version of the track even – lyrics and structure all the same though, as well as BPM I think. Not too nerve wracking really, almost freeing not having to stress about film clip headaches. We’re not film makers, so having recorded the track we felt we’d done our bit and to let Matt interpret the song and make whatever he wanted worked great.

Did you know what direction Matt was going to take before he started filming or were you guys left in the dark?

Nope. We had a bit of back and forth but we tried not to influence the project at all basically, other than what the lyrics and music were already doing. Matt sent through some shots of what he was thinking, and everything was a yes from our end. Actresses Pamela Rose and Almitra Gibran feature in it and the idea changed a little on along the way as he was working through it and sending clips through for us to check out. Really happy with how the final version looks.

Matt is an NY based film maker so I guess you guys have some relationships over in the US, any plans to tour over there (or here in Australia)?

We know Matt through our good friend Mark Spence of Royal Chant. Check out their clip for Sight For Sore Eyes – Matt made it too and it’s great. WASTERS and Royal Chant did a split 7” a year ago or so, and toured, and we still play shows together often.
We’d love to head over to play some shows in the states – nothing planned currently though.

No tour to announce here either. Few shows here and there such as Hideaway Bar Sydney March 21 and Rad Bar Wollongong on March 24 but mainly busy with recording at the moment. We are about halfway though tracking our debut album. We’ve been in and out of Def Wolf this year tracking the songs live – minus the vocals. I don’t imagine it’ll be done anytime too soon, but the next release will be from that and a tour to go with it.