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Who are you and what are you doing here? About time you had to answer this one…

Hi my name is Shaughn and I am here because my parents didn’t think my brother was good enough. And I’m here doing this interview as juan of the guitarists/vocalist of the band Yours Alone.

 Anyhoo, give me the low down on YA, whose in the band?

Yours Alone is a band made up of myself and Jake on guitar and vocals, Alex on bass and Levi on drums.

Jake and I were in a band together early 2014 which I then got asked to leave that band because of my opinions on the Lochness Monster. A while after my departure Jake and I started writing some songs together which we were quite fond of and we decide to make something of this. Were originally were going to be a three piece with Jake on guitar and Me on bass but I missed my guitar to much so after we got Levi on drums we reached out to Alex who coincidentally was looking to play bass in a band.

 I think some of these fellas have done a few reviews for Cool Try Bro yeah?

Not many people know this about me… but I actually do a small bit of work on this site under my real name Sean. And I sometimes get Jake to do some reviews cause I like to share and I’m a good friend that way.

 And obviously, you and me own this site together. Haha. So because I’ve been reading and listening to you interview bands for years and you always seem to a have a very vested interest in their influences and processes and asking advice for young musos out there. Do you ever think back to the advice some of your idols have given you in your own song writing? Who have you spoken to through CTB that has had the biggest influence on your own approach to song writing?

Its like our naughty little love child we created 😉

Not so much advice as it is me observing what some of my favourite musicians do. And what I appreciate the most is when artists have told me that they don’t aim to write in a certain style, or try to sound like something or someone. That has always stuck with me. And I notice that if I try to write in a certain genre or style the song I’m working on sounds like arse. So I have a guitar sitting in my lounge room and in my bedroom and if I feel like writing or I have an idea I just pick up the guitar and work on it. I don’t force myself to write or give myself time lines…

There are 2 people in particular that I have spoken to whilst running this website that have played a huge part in the musician I am today. The first one is Isaac Hanson of Hanson. They were the first band I ever really loved. They could’ve easily given up and given into the pigeonholing people put them in but now they’re still selling out tours and writing records independently and are one of the worlds most successful independent acts. I have a stupid amount of respect for that band. The other is Dave Elkins from MAE. Their music is just more than the songs. It is an art form. They try to work in all the sense in their music and live shows and they really opened up my eyes to a new way of music. Plus when they released their last three EP’s all digital single sales went to different charities such as helping build a house for a family affected by Hurricane Katrina and helping by books for underprivileged schools. I love that band a lot…. To the point that the second part of my daughters name is the bands name…

So, it’s basically unavoidable for me to ask this, how much of YAs style is influenced by your insatiable boner for Tom DeLonge?

Hahahahaha. It’s no secret that I am a Tom Delonge fan. Jake is as well. As for our style… sound wise I don’t think our influence comes out too much in our songs… but for me, when writing, I draw a lot of influence from Tom in the way of writing simple and building off of that. He has proved time and time again that you don’t have to do anything too complex for a song to stand out and make you feel. That’s not to say I don’t push myself in my writing, I definitely do, but I like the ability to write simple but still make an impact. (did that sound cocky?)

You dudes have basically busted out and just played sick shows, Groovin’ The Moo, Against Me! support, Everclear support etc, people are loving your tunes – do you reckon people have been stinging for a fun band bringing the good times and they’re lapping it up like kittens at the teet?

I don’t know if this put the best or the worst image in my head… Either way I like it.

One of the cool things about Yours Alone, to me, is that it’s a band you can move to. It is up beat and fun sounding… but when you pay attention to some of the lyrics and melodies you can also bum yourself out. I think what we’re doing is fresh with a touch of nostalgia in a way. It’s something that I haven’t been hearing in the Newcastle scene. It’s a little bit different but still similar enough for us to find ourselves on different bills. We’ve been lucky enough to have already shared the stage with some of the worlds greatest artists and having done that makes us want to push ourselves even harder so we can continue doing so.

Now seeing as you rarely let a band end an interview without you asking them this, I think it’s only fair you have a chance to give us your answer…what are you listening to right now? What are a few local bands we should keep our ears open for?

I will answer this in two parts.

Part 1. Local Bands you all should be listening to!

  1. Buoy, Oh Buoy – Our bassist Alex is the front man for this Indie Rock band. They just released a new song ‘Midnight Revival’ that I can’t stop listening to.
  2. Capeside – These guys are one of my favourite bands in Newcastle, super catchy, fun, lovely and attractive.
  3. By Design –They’re pretty much the best band in Newcastle. They are heavy, melodic, thought provoking and their latest album is a contender for Album Of The Year. (our drummer Levi also drums for them, but I liked this band before I even knew Levi… So I still get a little fanboyish when I remember he drums for Yours Alone)

Part 2. Albums I’m loving at the moment that you should to.

  1. Josh Pyke’s new album ‘But For All These Shrinking Hearts’ is amazing. Layered with so many beautiful melodies and great songs.
  2. Fatherson – ‘I Am An Island’. They’re a rock band from Scotland. I don’t know if it is just the amazing accent that gets me… but Epic chorus and the emotion through out the album is spine tingling.
  3. And an oldy but a goody…. Boxcar Racer’s self-titled album. Is the epitome of a perfect album. Punk/emo/rock. Every song is amazing.