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Live Review: Evanescence – Sydney Opera House – February 13th

Due to my upbringing I have become used to driving anywhere possible to find the cheapest parking. Today was no different as I decided to not pay the $39 parking for the Opera House and opted for the $10 parking which was only 1.1km away, which doesn’t seem far but if you factor in how bad I am at directions and the amount of people i had to dodge then you can understand why this first part of my review isn’t about the 25 minute set the SSO performed before the main event. I can say i caught the last 5 minutes and it was this dude shredding it on the gorgeous, black, Electric Cello while the Orchestra backed him. I was then automatically pumped for what was about to happen and I had every right to be.

Please stay tuned for the next instalment of this review which will be posted now.

I know roughly 3-4 Evanescence songs so I wasn’t going into the show with expectations of how songs should sound or be performed. One thing I knew about the band is that Front Woman Amy Lee has one of the most powerful voices to ever grace not only commercial radio but the music/art scene in general. So there was no way i was turning down the opportunity to hear this voice live and backed by the SSO.

After a small orchestral build up the band, then followed by Amy, enter the stage. Amy’s fingers creep on the keys of the piano as everything builds into ‘Never Go Back’. The band did not make us wait as everything entered our ears as we experienced the warm distorted guitar softly blanketed by the Opera House’s acoustics to the angelic and smile inducing plucks of the harp.

Playing through their catalogue of hits such as the well known ‘Bring Me To Life’ and deep cuts like ‘Your Star’ Evanescence proved that they were a musical force not to be reckoned with. Amy’s voice demanded the audiences attention and she got it. From bowel moving lows to falsetto that put Little Lotti to shame Amy demonstrated her well known voice flawlessly.

As so many live instruments are being played at once your eyes and ears are drawn towards the drummer who is pounding on an electric kit as he not only keeps the beat but also creates a plethora of sounds with the cymbal pads. Beside him was what i like to call the Electric Wizard. His set up included anything that could be programmed to make noise. A sort of new age percussionist, this wizard took a rock bands performance with an orchestra to a completely new level.

With too many positives to mention I feel guilty that i haven’t given you a step by step review, but i fear that our time is up my dear readers. But to sum it all up… This was an experience I would recommend to anybody that wants their idea of music and collaboration challenged and to anybody that knows what really freaking good actually is. A night I soon won’t forget and a nice nudge to go and properly check out a band I have been sleeping on for far too long.



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