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Live Review: Hellions – Hombre Records – Newcastle


Hellions have managed to forge forward after losing 2 members in guitarist Lewis Usher and Bassist Dylan Stark by smashing out one of the frontrunners for album of the year and announcing a killer headlining tour to support it. Bringing out Void of Vision for good measure the Indian summer tour is tipped to be a “Hot” one. Hombre Studios is a cornerstone of newcastle hardcore and it’s exciting to see a larger UNFD signed band like Hellions headline an all ages venue like this. To start proceedings tonight are Shorebreak who are a young 5 piece metal core band from Newcastle, lending stylistically from bands like As i lay dying and parkway drive, it seems the kids are alright, Smashing through a frenzied 30 minute set, friends and fans  lapping it up and even activating the pit more than once during their short set. Next up are local stalwarts the sign of four, these dudes are intimidating, heavy as elephants testicles and vicious as fuck, some technical difficulties aside these dudes nailed it. I see big things in this young bands future. Of Divinity have been around for a fairly short time but have managed to rack up a decent back catalogue of support shows for larger bands like In Hearts Wake, Dream on Dreamer and Bury Tomorrow (UK) and tonight solidifies the reason why, Amidst some technical difficulties the band powered through a vicious, audacious set filled with vitriol and heart seems newcastle has another local band that has a lot on the horizon. Void of vision are a perfect band to support Hellions, One part mosh, one part party and all the riffs mix it together and you get one hell of a good time, The band hammers through a nice 35 minute set even bringing out a cover of Limp Bizkits “Break stuff” to rile the crowd into a swarming frenzy of flailing arms and spin kicks. Hellions wrap up the night with a passionately sweaty set covering both of their stomping albums, Seeing as Hombre doesn’t have a stage crowd members had to get creative with the PA stacks for some pile on action, even seeing Newcastle’s golden boys of HC Trophy Eye’s singer John Floreanicrowd surfing, trust me, seeing a guy who’s 6’3 crowd surfing is a sight. Hellions brought the noise, showed Newcastle why they’re all about the vibes and left every punter with a smile on their face.

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