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Live Review: Owen Rabbit Live at Record Crate 27/01/2017

Sparrows was the first performer of the night.

She had a strong voice and her sounds were a mix of pop and found sound. It worked well, but at the same time it sounded as though she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go weirder or more poppy. With that being said, her performance was good.

Ross Henry came up next. Whilst somewhat interesting, his sound was a little too close to homogeny without refinement and his performance came off as a bit forced. However, he had one of the most amazing microphones I’ve ever seen in action. He would waver quite a lot around it, sing facing partially away from it whilst at a distance and it always picked up his voice at the same volume.

Being the main act, Owen Rabbit was the last performer. He put in a solid effort and delivered his vocals with a fair bit of confidence. They sat a bit above his rather full, melodic songs.

Despite being static, seeing his songs performed gave a livelier feel than on record.

There’s not much to say about the performances beyond that as there was a problem with discerning how each artist was which mostly had to do how inappropriately loud everyone was.

I’m not sure if it had to do with the artists or the sound engineer, but everything was being mixed for a room that was mich bigger (and possibly a bit less dark) than the one at The Record Crate. I found it to be quite detrimental to the experience.

In a small room you don’t want to be at a performance where almost everything sounds like crap because it’s too loud for the space.

Ultimately what helped me judge the performances was someone wearing a cap and sunglasses at the front of the crowd. I’m not sure as to what state they were in (it was clear that they were on something), but based on their slow, minute “grooving”, they unwittingly became the (probably biased) barometer used to measure the performance of each artist beyond what I could see and hear.

During Sparrows, the person had their head down and were bopping up and down, as well as a slight bit from side-to-side.

When Ross Henry was on, other than some jocular banter, the person became much more static. There was motion, but it had become reduced in frequency.

Once Owen Rabbit was performing, the person became a bit more animated than during Sparrows. Their head lowered. There was more bopping. An arm stretched outward from the side of their body and, leaving the pointer finger pointing outward, slowly moved back and forth almost as though it was stuck on part of the circumference of a circle that went around the person.

That might be a bad way to judge the strength of a performance.
Ultimately, despite some issues, the whole thing was fun which is what this person showed.

With that being said, it will be interesting to se these artsts down the track.