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Live Review – Sigur Ros – Hordern Pavilion – July 25

Magic, as much as I thought I don’t believe in it, is the only word to describe what we all witnessed on Tuesday July 25th.


Taking to the stage a forgivable 15 minutes late Sigur Ros got straight into action with the unreleased but live favourite ‘Á’ straight into the creeping and chest tightening ‘Ekki Múkk’ which not only made up for the late start but lured the audience into a trance. I’m still not sure if I forgave them for being late or if they hypnotised me.


The three gentlemen flawlessly and epically took us on a journey through angelic vocals and a light show so majestic that one would even think Aurora Borealis was localised within the entire Hordern Pavilion. I thought I could smell steamed hams.


As the lights and smoke made the band look like levitating angels the sounds being created with bowed guitars and dynamically precise drums made the audience feel like they were also levitating.


Front man Jonsi’s falsetto reaches the deepest part of your soul as his voice swirls through melodies that emotionally awaken you even though you’re unaware of what is being sung.


2-acts covering a bands stellar career with 4 fresh songs promising a bright and beautiful future for the band and fans.

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