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Live Review – Superheist – Factory Theatre, November 4th

I must admit that I was getting the feeling that I was one of the only ones excited for the recent Superheist rebirth, and sitting around a relatively empty Factory Theatre courtyard did nothing to change my mind. Luckily that all changed pretty quickly.

The night opened with Sydney locals Horrorwood Mannequins who put on an energetic performance that certainly did its job of waking up the still small but eager crowd. Their cover of Negative Creep certainly had the older crowd singing along and the familiar face of Ezekiel Ox (more on him later) joined them for the set closer which got everyone that much more excited for the main course.

Aussie stalwarts Segression were up next and did what they’ve been doing best for 20 years, which is down a solid groove laden set of heavy metal. With new songs sitting comfortably alongside their classic material it is apparent that these old dogs can still show off a few new tricks and had the dance floor almost full by the time they finished.

Relative unknowns Earth Caller were up next with a confidence much bigger than their young lifetime would suggest. Hard-core roots with an attitude that owed just as much to hip-hop, these young bucks took full advantage of the large stage and made sure that everyone knew their name by the end of set. An album due early next year will be one to watch.

As mentioned earlier, I really have felt like this Superheist reunion was looking like more of a bust than anything else, but boy was I wrong. By the time the lights went out the entire crowd was pushed up against the barricade and when the familiar intro of The fight Back kicked in the place damn near lost its roof. This is a band with not only some new faces, but an entire new energy on stage. The Fight Back flowed effortlessly into Bullet and this place was going insane.

If opening with two ‘heist classics wasn’t going to get the crowd’s attention, the man with the mic sure was. New front man Ezekiel Ox has long been regarded as one of the best (and outspoken) frontmen in the country and that was on full display tonight. Leaving the stage on several occasions to create a makeshift pulpit from a bar table had certain crowd members following him back and forth like the pied piper of nu-metal. The man has the pipes the moves and the passion to have you hanging on every word, hearing him called the lovechild of John Farnham and Zach De La Rocha isn’t as ridiculous as it seems.

With new songs (plenty of them) being greeted like they were old classics this was a show that made a lot of people in the room feel as though the 13 year gap never happened and by the time the set came to a close with rousing finisher Pulse, the crowd had been treated to cuts from each major release (although more IRCR material would be nice) and were begging for more, which we were promised would come with a regional tour early next year.

Rest assured this was no nostalgia act; this was a band with a new line-up, a new album and a new lease on life. They may not want you to call it a comeback, but I’m sure as hell glad they’re here again.

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