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Live Review: The Front Bottoms – The Small Ballroom – Newcastle.

Indie rock acts from America can be very hit and miss here in Newcastle when it comes to live shows and i was sceptical about the turn out for The Front Bottoms… But by the time opening act Yours Alone and tour support The Hard Aches had wrapped up their sets The Small Ballroom was packed.


The band launched straight into with ‘Skeleton’ from their 2013 album ‘Talon of the Hawk’ and the crowd sang/sometimes obnoxiously yelled the words to this and every other track right back at Brian and the band.

The energy was second to none as the band played through a great selection of songs from their discography. When interviewing Brian before the show he mentioned how excited he was that this was their first headliner, because with so many release behind them this will be a great chance to cover a lot of ground.

And ground covering they did. From the synth induced ‘Help’ from their latest offering ‘Back on Top’ to horn friendly ‘Flashlight’ from their Self Titled album the band please the ears of every member in the crowd.

Tight and energetic, the band didn’t show any signs of being on the last leg of this tour interacting with the crowd and keeping them moving. Half way through the set Brian announced the he will be doing a Shoey and he followed through with his promise. The results of which created the loudest cheer i’ve heard in The Small Ballroom since Everclear in 2015.

In our conversation Brian mentioned that the band are eager to get home and continue work on their as yet to be titled new album. Which in turn means hopefully it wont be as long between tours. As he sips his water in the outside area smiling for no reason, you can tell the genuine music he creates comes from a man so genuinely in love with what he’s doing. That is brought into the stage show with his interactions and the intensity the whole band put into the show.


10 out of 10 night! Would definitely do it again.

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