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Live Review – Tina Arena – Civic Theatre Newcastle

Where to begin? Sitting in the beautiful Civic Theatre in Newcastle surrounded by fans of all ages starting from a 10 year old I saw. We didn’t know what to expect but there was 40 odd years to cover so we knew we were going to get something spectacular.


Lights dim and the crowd cheers as Tina walks on the stage and opens her set with Jimmy Webb’s classic ‘MacArthur Park’ catching a lot of fans off guard but setting the tone for what was to come. Continuing on with the bangers, Tina went straight into ‘Burn’ and continued on with ‘Heaven Help My Heart’ and Sorrento Moon’. By now the theatre seems like Tina is leading a choir as every one sings, nay, belts out the words right back to her.

With 40 years of music and entertainment under her belt one would forgive Tina if she was tired or seemed a bit flat but this is not what we received. The performance was flawless as well as Tina’s voice which soared as strong as ever. Tina showed no signs of tiredness as she went through costume changes and working the stage.

After a quick intermission and another costume change Tina comes back on stage for Act 2. A slightly more sombre act, this half still held the power of the first and with the darker songs Tina’s passion and emotion came out in her strong voice especially during ‘Woman’.


A solid 2 song encore ends the set with ‘Now I Can Dance’ and ‘You Set Fire To My Life’ and the posi vibes not only rang throughout the civic theatre but made its way outside with the people on the streets (bah ba dee ba day).

Tina is showing no signs of slowing down and for that I am grateful.

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