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Oh/Villain’s debut EP is undoubtedly one of the stellar heavy releases of 2017. Kicking off with an exclusive premier via Rolling Stone and having received rave reviews ever since and we were keen to know more about this record and what went into its creation.

Below Oh/Villain break down every track from PILOT and offer some insights into the writing and recording process of each of these amazing tracks.

We will be chatting with Oh/Villain in an upcoming interview to go even further into the EP and find out what the guys have planned for the rest of the year.


 Recording Process:

Preacher was another song we all collaborated on during preproduction. This track was the most fun to record, also the one Rohan (our producer/engineer/senpai) had the most fun producing and It’s up there with some of our favourite choruses. Lars (guitarist/vox) loves the guitar work and the drums, which was challenging for Josh (drummer) which is pretty hilarious haha.

Song Meaning:

Lars was reading/watching a lot of Slavoj Zizek during this time and he found what he (Zizek) thought of freedom really interesting. We’re told that we’re free to choose what we want to do, like picking your insurance company, the school you go to etc, but we’re all playing the same game if you know what I mean.

What we were listening to:

 Across the Bed – Volumes

Racecar – Periphery

Sunday Night – Last Dinosaurs

Sad Ghost – Issues


 Recording Process:

This song was the most technically challenging all of us as musicians. The bridge part was definitely my favourite part, we chucked a Sigur Ros and added some bowed guitars as well. Josh struggled mightily in this track but in the end, he did so well.

Song Meaning:

The character in this song is about a dude who asks for advice about his struggles with love constantly, but doesn’t take any actions to change himself. So the stories he tells gets a little old and it’s like he’s crying Wolf. The spoken word is almost like a monologue explaining the situation of the character struggling to utilise the realistic advice that’s been given to him.

What we were listening to:

Nothing Was The Same – Hotel Books

Mikasa – Veil of Maya

Varuo – Sigur Ros


This song was another tune we wrote in our earlier days. In terms of song structure, it’s one of the more stranger structures we’ve made and a lot of people might not be big fans of it, but I feel the lyrics really fit the structure of the tune.

Song Meaning:

Julian does really well in this track and he wrote the lyrics for this one as well. The dirties and the cleans in this track are two different voices in his head in this conversation with himself. The dirties kinda represent his anger and frustration and the cleans represent the voice of reason to himself. It’s another breakup tune but it’s also about substance abuse.

What we were listening to:

 There is A Hell – Bring Me The Horizon

Pink Lemonade – Closure In Moscow

Charteroak Foundation – Tortoise


Song meaning:

Constant was the first song we wrote together as the band you know today during pre-production for the EP. The original intention of the song was to write about prejudices that people should already get over, but the characteristics of the music we ended up writing didn’t really match the lyrics, so it ended up becoming a breakup song.

Recording Process:

The recording process was pretty smooth because we wrote 80% of the track in pre-production, but Rohan really brought it to life as an outside party and dropping the sexiest Disney harmonies (shout out to Aladdin). His guitar tones that he did for us is something that I love to this day still.

Songs we were listening to:

 I Never Wanted To – Saosin

505 – Arctic Monkeys

Lost – Lido


 Recording Process:

The recording process of Heartless was one of the easier ones for us because we’ve been practicing the song for so long. It’s one of those songs that have been a live favourite, so this songs always a lot of fun. Rohan Kumar (the engineer) really helped us with expanding our leads and he really made us tap into our influences inside and outside our style.

Writing Process:

Heartless was one of the first songs we wrote as a band at the time we were finishing up with high school. Back then we we’re playing a lot of video games. More specifically Square Enix games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. We really liked the story arc of Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series so the song is pretty much about his journey throughout the games.

Songs we were listening to:

We Want Guarantees, Not Hunger Pains – Closure In Moscow


Recording Process:

Crow’s Feet was one of the last songs we wrote. The line, “the crow’s Feet in my eyes, was the last thing you left behind” was a line that Lars had with him for about 3 months. He said that he was always thinking about it and he knew it was about my dad but he couldn’t find a compelling story to write about. The band said they needed another tune for the EP one night, so Lars said that he whipped out the old acoustic with that line in mind and smashed it out in 10 minutes. The recording process was one of the quicker ones, because it’s not a technically difficult song. But Julian and Rohan thought Lars was crying when he was singing at the end.

Song Meaning:

From Lars:

“Crow’s Feet is about my strained relationship with my father. He passed away a while ago, but I was still pretty angry at him with everything. But as time passed, I grew the personality traits that he had and even physical traits of his. It made me realise the futility of being angry at someone who isn’t here anymore.”

What we were listening to:

There Was Enough Rest – Night Beds

Too bright to see, too loud to hear – Underoath Fast Car – Tracy