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Pretty City release new single

Sometimes, the music really does do the talking. Melbourne psych rockers, Pretty City started from an incredible SXSW appearance in 2016, which saw them gain critical acclaim.“…only a few more people were fortunate enough to squeeze in when the three from Melbourne started out their set. So much energy. So much talent.” Glamglare, “The boys of Melbourne’s Pretty City combine shoegaze and britpop to create power chord-heavy anthems that wouldn’t be out of place in Manchester, 1990.” Noisey
Following those performances their debut album, COLORIZE, continued to do the talking for them, as their album climbed the CMJ charts for 3 months, being added to over 150 US stations and peaking at 70 (July, 2016). “Strutting up and along some hazy rainbow made of stadium riffage and ’90s glow stick big pants dance while gazing down at their kicks only long enough to take in that rainbow, this Melbourne-based band sound as brash and ready as a new band can be.” CMJ
The band’s stadium, psychedelic sound was compared from everything from Britpop, shoegaze, grunge, and Psych but the strength of the music was in their ability to not be constrained to any one genre, due in part to the varied musical backgrounds of each member.“It’s hard to pinpoint where we all meet musically as there’s a lot of diverse musical tastes and training, yet we have been able to focus all of that into one sound that is unmistakably us.” Johnny Rock
Canadian Music Week appearances followed in 2017 as did the recording of their much anticipated sophomore album ‘Cancel The Future’. The first single to drop from Nothing Happens for Free, a reflection on the frustrations and realities of life as a musician and life in general. “I wrote ‘Nothing Happens For Free’ feeling stretched between slamming out new music and staying true to myself. We were overflowing with creative ideas & new sounds, and interpreting our personal chaos into a heavy and intense musical backdrop.” Hugh Matthews Pretty City

Listen Here

The band are undertaking their first European tour with 23 dates across the U.K, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Czech Republic and Denmark. US dates and festival appearances are also planned in 2018.

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