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Q&A w/ British India

Today we open the doors to the Cool Try RSL and invite British India to join us as we dive in to our delicious Q&A Buffet. So before you see them on the up coming Midnight Homie tour (dates below) sit down and dig into these delicious questions.

Does each member of the band have a nickname? If yes, spill them! If not, please make them up right now!

Matt’s nickname from primary school has been Dougy, a lot of people think his name is Doug for the first few months of knowing him. Declan has never really any nickname of an imagination, that’s probably our fault. He’s generally referred to Decco, or “Hey you! Get away from there” Nic goes by Wils (pronounced like Will with a sssss on the end) My nickname amongst a different friendship group is Lenny, at first it was Willienium but as will all nicknames was shorted over a period of time to more palatable Lenny. In no way is it a reference to my similarities to character in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men. 

Have you been involved in any previous projects before this one?

I have been very lucky to have been playing in this band since high school. Chances are it will be the only band i ever play in.

All artists go through periods where they seem to lack creativity, when you’re experiencing one of these phases, what do you do to get yourself out of it?

“If you are going through hell, just keep going” Sometimes you feel as if you will never be able to write anything ever again and I am of the belief that perseverance and hard work are a key to honing your craft as a song writer. So when you are having those times where you feel like nothing is happening as long as you are still working and trying to get something off the ground you might learn something for later down the track or you might actually break through the fog and find that spark that kick starts your next song, or project.

What is your favourite track to perform live?

I love playing “Suddenly” and I love playing “Vanilla” I love seeing peoples reactions when Nic starts playing the riff of Suddenly and the bridge is a very euphoric moment of the set. Vanilla is a lot of fun because it has a loud, quite, loud structure and i can pretend I am in a grunge band. 

Have you had the chance to play a show with any of your musical heroes? Who were they and what was that experience like?

We were lucky enough to support the Rolling Stones. Nic was driving somewhere of import when he got a phone call asking if he could get a video together to send to Mick Jagger so that he could see if we would be a suitable fit for the show. Nic immediately in a hand brake u turn and started editing. It was just the most surreal day we got there early to soak it all in. We sat in front of the stage during sound check and were treated to our own private concert of “Dead Flowers”

Lots of songs start out with a working title and are eventually renamed, what were some of the original names of your songs before they were complete?

Our song “Suddenly” was initially called “Crying Into My Eggs” which title would have been more successful we will never know because no-one would ever let us release a song called “Crying Into My Eggs”

Favourite Simpsons episode? Discuss.

Homer Badman Season 6 Episode 9” is the first one that comes to mind. It’s the episode where Homer is accused of sexual harassment for retrieving the gummi venus de milo from the baby sitter. Not only does it have so many brilliant one liners it has a strong narrative and a social commentary about the hysteria that salacious media. 

How would you describe ‘success‘ for your band?

Our success is that we are still together writing and playing music live. When we started all we wanted to do was learn how to play our instruments and write songs from the first jam. Slowly over time our goal was to play a gig, then after that it was to record a song. Slowly as time has progressed and after releasing six albums we are still amazed we are doing this for a living. As much as you want things to be running smoothly all the time it is impossible for that to happen.For me it’s a success every time we are able to go on stage and play a show or when we are all together listening back to a song we have just written.

Are you Pro or against streaming services and why?

I love them!!! I have access to any song I want at any time. Also I can get a new album the moment it comes out. New music is always being curated towards my tastes and it’s in my pocket. Sure if things were the way they were 20 years ago I might have a bit more cash, but i didn’t pick up a guitar to earn cash. I did it to hang out with my friends.

Who would play you in a movie about the band?

I think if there were to be a movie made about us it should be set sometime in the future when we are very old are doing a reunion tour that nobody asked for. So I am thinking, Gary Oldman, Bill Nighy, Tim Robbins and Jeff Bridges would play the band as they travel through the Australian country side in a busted ass van playing the gigs that we play now. Travelling to Cairns, Ballarat, Bunbury and everywhere inbetween. Also I think they should be actually playing the songs so they will have to start their own tribute act so that they can get into character. And I feel we could get some CGI for our manager who would still be a head in a jar. 

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Jeff Rosenstock -Post is an album you should listen to until your ears bleed. Spacey Jane from Perth are a new band you should check out and keep an eye on. And of course British India because we are about to hit the road and write a bunch more new music for people to listen to.


Check Out British India on their up coming tour.


Fri 11 May          Tap House                         Bendigo, VIC                TICKETS
Sat 12 May         Pelly Bar                        Frankston, VIC                TICKETS
Fri 25 May          Towradgi Beach Hotel                Wollongong, NSW        TICKETS
Sat 26 May         Narrabeen RSL                        Narrabeen, NSW        TICKETS
Fri 1 June           Newport Hotel                        Fremantle, WA                TICKETS
Sat 2 June          Badlands                        Perth, WA                TICKETS
Sun 3 June         Secret Show                                  Scarborough, WA            SECRET
Fri 8 June           Sooki Lounge                        Belgrave, VIC                TICKETS
Sat 9 June          Karova Lounge                        Ballarat, VIC                TICKETS
Fri 15 June         170 Russell                        Melbourne, VIC                TICKETS
Sat 16 June        Barwon Club Hotel                Geelong, VIC                TICKETS
Fri 22 June         Miami Tavern                        Gold Coast, QLD        TICKETS
Sat 23 June        The Triffid                     Brisbane, QLD                TICKETS
Fri 29 June         Cambridge Hotel           Newcastle, NSW        TICKETS
Sat 30 June        Oxford Art Factory         Sydney, NSW                TICKETS
Fri 6 July             The Gov                        Adelaide, SA                TICKETS


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