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Q&A w/ Simon Paparo

It is the end of another week and what better way to celebrate than by digging into a delicious buffet, this time with Simon Paparo and his angelic voice. Stick around for dessert as Simon has brought his new video for ‘Gold At Midnight’ to enjoy.

What are some of your earliest musical influences that have found their way into the music you’re currently making?

Definitely Neil Young and Led Zeppelin…..they seem to just seep in and I can’t control it!!

There’s a full 80s/90s pop culture and music resurgence happening right now, are you into it?

Yeah I’m really digging the 80’s vibes coming out now! I like what Bec Sandridge is doing…she’s great….I once played a gig with her many moons ago….long before she was cool 80’s Bec! Haha

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as a band/artist so far?

Probably to get over myself and admit that it’s beneficial to collaborate with other musicians!

What festival is #1 on your list that you’d love to play one day?

I’d love to play Splendour in the grass!!

How was your high school experience? Were you in a band?

Well I didn’t do music at high school, but I teamed up with a high school friend and we used to write heaps of songs together and go busking…..looking back those songs weren’t great, but it was the making of music with my friend that influenced me a lot to go down the musical path

What was your first ever favourite song?

It was ‘Walk of Life’ by Dire Straits….I used to dance around the house, as a kid, to this!

Are you playing any shows anytime soon?

Yes I’ll be playing the single launch at The Workers Club, Fitzroy on Sunday 13th May.

How would you describe ‘success‘ for your band?

I’d describe success as making enough money to live off my music.

Who would play you in a movie about the band?

Mark Ruffalo for sure…..people say we look similar anyway, haha.

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

The Woodland Hunters, Grim Fawkner, Daniel Shaw

Where are people able to hear your songs?

As of April 27th 2018, the new single “Gold at Midnight” will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, soundcloud, youtube. Here is the link for the film clip on youtube…. https://youtu.be/pP2vTSpGWpw