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Q&A About all things Hip/Hop with Perth based MC OptiMystic

Finding a place in music history is hard enough, let alone enduring it independently.

For most artists it’s a jaded past time we all know too well. So what better way to learn about the industry than to share experiences with someone who lives at the for front of it all.  We sat down with Perth based MC OptiMystic to chat about his brand new upcoming album and what keeps him motivated as an independent act.


Hi OptiMystic,  it’s an absolute pleasure to have you here.

Okay so lets start with the most obvious question… the name.

It’s a great play play on words and coincides well to your particular genre but where did it come from and has does it have a particular meaning or reference to you personally?

G’day & thankyou for having me.

I guess the name just came from others that told me I was overly optimistic.

Positivity is definitely a major trait of my character, and I do have a somewhat interest in mysticisim… so OptiMystic was a no brainer.


So you have another album coming out which I am to believe isn’t your first so before we delve into the new release can you tell us a bit about some of your previous releases?

The first official release I did was with my original crew ‘The Freakz of the Nature’ ( a hybrid electro/hip-hop outfit )  – an EP called Artistic Intergrity we dropped in 2003/2004.

I then dropped my first solo album ‘Re-Vamp’ in 2009 which I was blessed to have Speech from Arrested Development feature on, over the next couple years I worked on 2 different projects which were both released in 2012 – The Freakz of the Nature album ‘2000ZEN’ and also a live band that I formed called Camazotz Sword ( A mixture of hip-hop, funk, rock & dub ), the album was called ‘Tribe of the Lost Vibe’.

Then I went back to my hip-hop roots and began work on my second solo album ‘Day of the Guiding Light… Followed by the Shadow’ – a monstrous double album that showed the maturity and growth of my art, this was released in 2016 and had a numerous amount of featured artists.

Then we come to my latest project and third solo album ‘Salty Waterz’ !! Just been released !! Easily my best works I have orchestrated to date.


Your music has such a huge universal sound especially for Australian music in this genre. We all have ideas of what our music is supposed to sound like in our head, but how do you feel your recent album ‘Salty Waterz’ has translated?

It has definitely come out how I envisioned it… a banging hip-hop album that has classic elements to it but still sounding fresh and relevant. I honestly could not be happier with it, this is one for the trophy wall LOL. There is quite a list of people who played a part in making this album and they all did a fantastic job in my eyes.


Now the new single ‘Dreams Alive’ being the first single taken from the latest album captures so many different emotions and instantly reels the listener in. Can you tell us about the track itself and how it came to fruition including the artists you had featured on the song?

Dreams Alive started off with my main producer, Loftwah the Beatsmiff, hearing another beat that was going on the album which had inspired him so much that he drove straight home and began working on Dreams Alive. Now I knew I wanted Sickflo on the album, so I sent him the Dreams Alive beat and another one for him to choose from… well… He sent me back a verse for the other beat and had written and sung the chorus which we now hear on Dreams Alive. He really liked both beats and was now also wanting to write a verse to Dreams aswell, which created an issue for me as this was the first time someone else had done the chorus aswell as a verse to one of my songs, basically it was a Sickflo featuring OptiMystic track hahaha. So after discussing this with him, Sick said he still wanted to spit a verse on it and that he had a female singer by the name of Tenette Smith who would be dope for it, and she was. I also knew that I wanted to have Mic Handz on a joint with Sickflo, which was actually going to be the other song, but after Dreams Alive was starting to come together it was obvious that this was the one for Handz to be on. So to conclude all this, Sickflo is an absolute legend to have given me this blessing to the album and I have the upmost respect for him and to Handz and Tenette for doing such a brilliant job.


Being an independent artist definitely has it’s perks in some cases but it’s also a tonne of work.

What has been your inspiration in maintaining that independent status and what are your thoughts on teaming up with majors?

I feel that is the difference between those who love to create it, and those who just wanna make it. If I was just trying to make it I would of given up a loooong time ago lol… I’m definitely not new to this. My passion and optimystic drive for the art of hip-hop is immense, I absolutely love it and I put my all into it. Teaming up with the majors was not only a dream for me but also the next step in my eveloution of hip-hop, I have been doing it for years and mastered my craft to a level where I felt comfortable to spit along side my idols and inspirations. It’s been a thrill ride not only for myself but for others that i brought along with me.


What advice would you give to other hard-working bands on the rise?

I guess just know what you are in it for?! Are you there just for a good time, wanna make money, chasing fame or it’s just a good way to express yourself to the world. None of these are wrong, but I’d say work towards the goals you are after and most importantly respect your artform and creatively have fun with it.


And lastly just before we go, Did you have any upcoming gigs and where can we find your music?

That’s a tough one do to the many collaborations and long distance between myself and the other artists on the album, but we are working on some things and I also have another project in the works getting ready to hit the stages with.

You can find my music at the following links.


Hard Copies







Thank you again for your time OptiMystic and good luck with the new release and really looking forward to the new album when it drops!


Thankyou very much for the love and support. Salty Waterz is out now !! Yeeew !!

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