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Q&A w/ Club Yorke

Does each member of the band have a nickname? If yes, spill them! If not, please make them up right now!

Despite their obvious physical deformities, Nick (huge forehead) and Josh (Disgustingly long legs) have somehow managed to evade nicknames. Andy has, what can only be described as a gigantuous neck so ‘Neck’ has become his. Due to the fact that I am the perfect human specimen my nickname couldn’t be derived from a fault in my looks so instead, my last name, Burtt was utilised. I cop ‘Beetle’ which is of course a reference to the once popular chocolate snack known as Bertie Beetles.

Favourite Simpsons episode? Discuss.

‘Homer Badman’ springs to mind as a band fave. It’s that one where they go to the candy convention and Homer steals the sweet sweet Venus gummy de milo, the rarest of gummies. As a result “Gummy de milo” is a staple in our band vocabulary, to describe all things sweet and gummy.

All artists go through periods where they seem to lack creativity, when you’re experiencing one of these phases, what do you do to get yourself out of it?

I listen to a podcast called, “And the writer is”. It’s about successful song writers who have had massive hits. They discuss their careers, and how they got there start. I find that it’s like a creative battery charger. I love putting it on in my headphones whilst playing play station. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a flurry of perfectly timed head shots from a 50. Cal sniper rifle.

Does your music have consistent lyrical themes or do they change from song to song?

I think the lyrical themes have waves of consistency. It might be a few months worth of break up songs if that’s what’s going on, and then a few more about love, when we get back together again. At the moment there’s a lot of stuff being written about my relationship with music, be that good or bad, which I suppose are really just loves songs anyway?

What’s the best show you’ve been to this year?

Easily, 100% without a doubt in mind and without any hesitation: No Mono at the Northcote Social Club. I usually rate a gig based on the amount of head shaking I do in disbelief of what I’m hearing, and boy oh boy was my head moving that night. I’ve never used this word before, but I and everyone else in the room were completely and utterly spellbound. Gotta check em out.

Beatles or Rolling Stones and why?

Beatles by a country mile. Always been a big fan and considered them prolific, but when I saw P Mac last year I was taken back. Throughout the set, (which was like 3 hours btw, what a trooper) I kept hearing bits and pieces of other bands and genres that have come since the Beatles and it really struck me how much the Beatles changed the trajectory of music.

All touring bands know that no two venues are created equal. What are some of the best rooms you’ve played and why?

Melbourne is where it’s at. A band fave is The Workers Club in Fitzroy. They’ve been really great to us and always a great vibe from the crowd. It sounds great and the Capacity makes it a perfect venue for a band like us.

That being said, I did once sing a drunkenly slurred version of ‘Read My Mind’ by The Killers at a gay Karaoke bar in Berlin, that also had a great vibe.

There’s a full 80s/90s pop culture and music resurgence happening right now, are you into it?

Bring it on. As our resident fashionista, and Michael Hutchense fan boy, Josh is a huge advocate for this.

We’ve certainly been heading there musically. 80’s synths are getting sprinkled across our songs more and more of late and the bands we reference when discussing the vision for a song seem to be falling back into that era. In fact, I am happy to announce that the next record will be 10 alternate covers of Hanson’s ‘Mmm Bop’.

How would you describe ‘success‘ for your band?

A couple Grammys and sold out stadium tours wouldn’t go astray!

But in all honesty, we are touring in June and to us that’s what it’s all about. We started the band so we could hang out and play shows together and if we’re doing that, then we’re content!

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Middle Kids: Best band in Australia bar none
No Mono: Please see question 5
Braille Face: New EP is smooth

These cats are on tour aye!!!

Saturday June 9 The Workers Club Melbourne

Thursday June 14 Karova Lounge Ballarat

Saturday June 23 The Workers Club Geelong

Saturday June 30 The TAH Hobart