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Q&A w/ Crocodylus

What was your local scene like?

Our local scene is a disaster! Only a select few places we can play.

Earliest musical influences?

The Wiggles. Murray saw us play at The Lansdowne last year and loved it, which was huge.

Besides from music, what inspires you? 

Special moments in day to day and eachother ?

Best venues? 

The Lansdowne Hotel
The Northern
Old Bar

How did the universe begin?

Crocs started it, of course.

Biggest challenged the band has faced?

Potentially losing a member, learning to work together.

Fuck, marry, kill: facebook instagram twitter;

Can we kill them all?

What fezzys u wanna play?

Desert Daze

Woodstock 1999

California Jam 1974

Fav simpsons episode?

The Episode where Bart gets a stopwatch and the Episode where Homer Builds a car.

Greatest moment achieved as a band? 

Skegss tourr brotha.

Best show youve been to? 

Drunk Mums at Chippo last year xx

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Listen to Frowning Clouds and Straight Arrows, and keep an eye out for the Uplifting Bellends!