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Q&A w/ My Elephant Ride

How do you think social media has affected the Australian music scene?

Social media connects musicians in an amazing unprecedented way, however it can feel disconnecting at the same time. On the one hand you can talk to anyone anywhere and find artists in a million hidden places, but it can create a feeling of distance and shorten the attention span so it’s easy to feel lost. It’s exciting though that having access to infinite music has created an environment for a diverse crazy mish mash of genres, and we love being a part of that. Like, there’s a mashup out there of B-52s’ Love Shack and the theme from ‘Psycho’, and it’s incredible (Neil Cicierega – Love Psych).

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

Take Instagram to bed – I mean they’re just so pretty.
Marry Twitter because you’d never have to guess what they’re thinking – they’ll let you know constantly.
Kill Facebook – they’re just a little overbearing and always tryna get a reaction.

What was your first ever favourite song?

First ever fav song for me was Believe by Cher! And still love it. Was mind-blowing when I found out about autotune though, I thought her voice just sounded like that. I mean maybe it does.

Beatles or Rolling Stones and why?

Beatles! Love the sound of multiple songwriters with strong individual voices working together with uniform haircuts, and they just nail the art of simplicity.

How would you describe ‘success‘ for your band?

Our idea of success changes from moment to moment – as long as we are expressing ourselves and having fun we’re successful! But also would love to put on a gig in outer space so that everyone on Earth can watch at the same time.

All touring bands know that no two venues are created equal. What are some of the best rooms you’ve played and why?

I think a favourite would have to be the Grace Darling – there’s something about a really nice shaped room, you know? Both upstairs and the basement are beautiful because they tend to feel quite intimate. The Gaso and Workers are favs as well!

Are you playing any shows anytime soon? 

We are about to announce a bunch of shows to celebrate the release of the new single. Keep posted to get all the details.

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Echo Mono are a killer Melb-based band, beautiful soul rock.
Bermuda Bay, another young band from Adelaide, indie rock w shared male/female vox.
Thunder Fox, boys from Syd that play funk and love getting nude.
Keep an eye out!!