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Q&A w/ Fripps & Fripps

What is your local scene like?

Our local scene is Cronulla and we can safely say we wouldn’t have had near the support we have had if it weren’t for such an affluent and evolving music scene. We have probably been playing live for roughly 3 to 4 years and have seen new festivals, venues and even an annual music conference ‘Australian Music Week’ be born in this brief time ..

What is your favourite track to perform live?

Ooft .. this is a tricky one!! The new tracks are always a lot of fun to perform live because they are super fresh for us to play, however nothing beats seeing a big crowd screaming your lyrics at the top of their lungs! Our most popular song ‘Get Your End Wet’ has a fast verse and a big open chorus, its ‘summer-y’ and fun and it’s a great way to round out a good set.

What streaming sites do you think offer the most value to a band?

I really like this question as so many people have huge opinions on it .. For us ‘Spotify’ has played a huge role in the discovery of our music & our band in general. We put our debut EP ‘Feeler On The Roof’ up roughly a year ago with no additional promotion and have seen stats we couldn’t have imagined. ‘Get Your End Wet’, the main single from the EP sat around 25 in the ‘UK Viral 50’ playlist for roughly a week or so and in that time alone garnered 100k plays. It has since gone on to have over 500k plays and received recognition from all over the globe .. we couldn’t have asked for more than that for a song we just kinda ’threw up there’ i guess ..

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

Fuck Facebook, Marry Instagram & Kill Twitter…  

What festival is #1 on your list that you’d love to play one day?

Going to have to say Splendour .. it’s iconic for Australian music, its at an epic time of year and always attracts the best bands and vibes for the Australian festival calendar .. 

Without invoking genre, describe your music…

Our music is kind of a melting pot of fast beats and electric lingo, inspired by summer fun and taking the piss. We love being able to do what we do and you can hear that in all of our songs .. 

 If you had to choose one song you’ve written that best defines your band which one would it be?

Epic question, we are going to have to say ‘Freel’. It’s an early track from ‘Feeler On The Roof’ and encompasses all the things we are about right down to its title. We rep a lot of stupid shit in our band, ‘Fripps & Fripps’ i mean what kind of name is that!? The chorus sounds ‘Don’t give a fuck what they say about us’ and it couldn’t be more true .. we don’t want to be one of those bands who takes themselves too serious.. 

Are you playing any shows anytime soon

We will be touring in June making our way to Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and a few places in between. Lots of news regarding those dates coming very soon. 

Where are people able to hear your songs?

Our tunes are available through iTunes, Googleplay, Spotify, Youtube and a wide range of streaming services. 

Does your music have consistent lyrical themes, or do they change from song to song?

Bailey always strive’s to change lyrical themes from song to song in order to keep our sound and vibe fresh. There has always been a tendancy for artists to write songs rooted in themes of love and heartbreak which he actively tries to avoid. The only real cohesive bond lyrically between the songs is their positive content and hip-hop style flow to compliment the tone of the music.