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Q&A w/ Gamjee

What are some of your earliest musical influences that have found their way into the music you’re currently making?

The earliest musical influences are from Brit-pop artists of the 90’s like Blur and Supergrass. Some amazing albums released from 94-99 so we were soaking it in through our childhood. It was always on in the house along with artists like the Beatles and Kink and the likes of that.

What is your favourite track to perform live?

Recently we reckon it’s a half improvised jam we open the set with. It begins pretty sparse, becomes quite heavy and ends with that classic riff from Pink Floyd’s ‘Interstellar Overdrive’.

Does each member of the band have a nickname? If yes, spill them! If not, please make them up right now!

Miles has one thousand nicknames which have evolved from ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ to ‘Mut Fut’ (You need a scientist to find the connection). The rest of us go by Moz (Morris), Summers (Jack), Lil (Lily) and Fendleplith (Sam).

If you had to choose one song you’ve written that best defines your band, which one would it be?

That’s a tough one because we’re still discovering all that. Maybe ‘Monday in Bed’ because the lyrics really apply to all of us as well as friends, and we’re essentially just a product of that along with musical influences hey?

Does your music have consistent lyrical themes, or do they change from song to song? What are they?

They change from song to song, but the overall idea of this release is exploring the word “Crooked”. So all these songs look at the divinity and ugliness on that theme and how it’s reflected all around us.

Who would play you in a movie about the band?

Jack: Owen Wilson

Sam: Anyone but Ryan Gosling (That bastard)

Moz: Meryl Streep (Because she can play anyone)

Lil: Drew Barrymore

Miles: Vin Diesel

Have you been involved in any previous projects before this one?

Yeah James and I (Sam) have always been in bands. Before this band we were in a band called ‘Water Bear’, and some of us are in a band called ‘Dragoons’ at the moment.

How would you describe ‘success’ for your band?

I think if we remain to release good music and enjoy it – and probably just as importantly if we’re connecting with people who enjoy it as well.

Are you playing any shows anytime soon?


May 17 – Supporting our mates Sophisticated Dingo @ The Gaso

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listeneing to / keeping an eye out for?


Vintage Crop