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Q&A w/ Hideous Sun Demon

Does each member of the band have a nickname? If yes, spill them! If not, please make them up right now!

Jake: Snake, Suzi, Big Scissor, Squidward.
Vin: vinders, dinders, Vonders Dean Eyeball, Dennis
Blake: BALARKAY, Blakey, Blakey pancakey, bleeache.

Have you been involved in any previous projects before this one?

Jake: agitated, kitchen people, water graves.
Vin: la mezz, kitchen people, Dream rimmy.
Blake: koi child, spaceman antics.

What is your local scene like?

4 venues, 4 bands, 4 train lines. For a while it was a phaser, then it went Chorus. Maybe its wah wah next. But real talk I’m missing Mojos & the lovely community that supported me playing music growing up.

Aside from other artists and music, what inspires you?

Travel and nature are great. Social/Political issues too I guess. Was Trumps recent debarkle with the Queen a reflection of his undeniable mysoginist attitude and ineptness toward foreign relations, or are people choosing to get offended about a breach of tradition upheld by an archaic institution which is based on an idea of superiority by bloodline that they would normally resent, just because Trump did it?

What streaming sites do you think offer the most value to a band?

Bandcamp is a nice platform to stream / sell music through as an artist. Spotify royalties are pretty dog but its a good way to get heard.

All touring bands know that no two venues are created equal. What are some of the best rooms you’ve played and why?

Mojos is where we learnt to play & has always been so so supportive. Shoutouts to Jeremy & Panther. Otherside of the country we rate the tote & its ugly cousin the brisbane hotel in hobart. Try a bus money burger if  you dare.

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

I’d fuck Instagram cuz it’s hot & devoid of deep value. Marry facey cuz it’s consistent & I can handle my partner leaking all my private information. Kill twitter cuz I’m a potato with politics/can’t keep up with the Kardashians etc.

In this day and age where anyone is pretty much able to pick up an instrument, what would you say sets your band apart from the rest?

We can play our instruments, put on a good live show & have a fairly unique sound. We also are gonna stick around longer then alot of flash in the pan ‘have a go’ bands. That being said there is an innate beauty in dumb punk music played badly, especially when it’s by smart people.

Do you believe in the term ‘sold out’?

Sold out is extremely subjective. If you’ve made a clear political/moral stance & blatantly gone against that then I suppose the term could be relevant. I’ve known elitists who give bands a hard time for putting effort into their appearance so it all depends.

Who would play you in a movie about the band?

Jake would be played by Keanue Reeves. Vin would have Andy Warhol. Blake would have Jared Leto.

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

I’ve been enjoying the new BODEGA record a fair bit. IDLES are a very cool english punk band. Seems like capitals letters are in for band names atm. Crack Cloud are fun too if you like post punky rhythmic stuff

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