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Q&A w/ Lost Talk

All artists go through periods where they seem to lack creativity, when you’re experiencing one of these phases, what do you do to get yourself out of it?

I’m in one of these periods right now, so I’m finding it difficult to creatively answer this question.

How do you think social media has effected the Australian music scene?

Social media has obviously had a profound impact on the way music is distributed, marketed, dispersed, talked about and discovered, but I’m not sure how different the situation in Australia is compared to other westernised countries.  Aside from the obvious stuff, I think the digital architecture of these platforms tends to encourage the uptake of neoliberal values like individualism and competition.  Everyone’s sort of in it for themselves, struggling for recognition in this impossibly vast digital ocean of identities and individuals.  In a way, you come to be measured in terms of your popularity, or your ability to market yourself adequately, as opposed to the substance of your creative content.

Fuck/marry/kill:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Kill, kill, kill.

What streaming sites do you think offer the most value to a band?

I don’t think any of them have too many benefits for budding artists, other than perhaps a bit of extra exposure.  Streaming services are driven by market logic after all, and giving emerging artists a fair go wouldn’t be great for business.  That being said, I think Bandcamp is pretty decent.  You can have a little taste, and if you like what you hear, you can support the band in a more direct and consequential way.

Do you have any in-band memes?

We do, but the band member they feature has vetoed their inclusion in this Q&A.

Most people ascribe to one idea or another about how the universe began, what do you reckon about it all?

From the frenzied nothingness of the pre-universe arose Anu and Padomay, the primordial twin forces of order and chaos, who then birthed their own souls, Anui-El and Sithis.  The resulting tensions between these oppositional forces gave rise to what came to be known as the Aurbis…

Does your music have consistent lyrical themes or do they change from song to song?

I guess a lot of the lyrics from our album SIGNAL/SYMBOL deal with the threads running through what could be considered fantasy or what we subjectively perceive as reality, and how we can be equally mystified by both, but this certainly wasn’t intended.  I got sort of wrapped up in this dichotomy for a while, and that manifested in the stuff I was writing at the time.

Without invoking genre, describe your music.


Are you playing any shows any time soon?

We’re about to embark on a drive to from Melbourne to Sydney, all six of us in a big old people-mover, to play Friday the 8th of June at Beatdisc in Parramatta with Yes I’m Leaving, Frat Boy Hedonists and Hedy Lamarr.  Then, on Saturday 9th of June, we play at Record Crate in Glebe with Legal Aliens, 100 and Manor Ants.  Should be a ripper time.

Where are people able to hear your songs?

Live, this weekend, in Sydney.

Three bands you should be listening to/keeping an eye out for:

No Sister