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Q&A w/ Novo Amor

What are some of your earliest musical influences that have found their way into the music you’re currently making?

The first two bands/artists that I really got into were The Offspring and Eminem. I don’t think either of them ever found their way into my music though, thankfully.

My teen years were spent playing drums in bands that used really driven guitars and had anthemic choruses. I was really into heavy rock music that had an emphasis on melodic vocals, not screaming. I think this has found its way into my music, the intensity of crescendos, driven guitars and thrashing drums, while maintaining softer, more melodic vocals. The most obvious example of this is a collaborative track I did with artist Ed Tullett called ‘Cavalry’.

Aside from other artists and music, what inspires you?

The potential in ideas. Other people’s motivation. The interest in experimenting and wondering what might come next.

Care to give us a gear rundown?

May I lead you to this? It’s what you’re looking for: https://www.musicradar.com/news/me-in-my-studio-novo-amor

All touring bands know that no two venues are created equal. What are some of the best rooms you’ve played and why?

I’ve played some terrible shows in great rooms and great shows in terrible rooms, it’s hard to define what makes a room ‘best’. For the sake of having to  choose I would say Botanique Rotonde in Brussels. Really great sound and production. And I’m going back to Botanique (to their bigger room, Orangerie) in October

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as a band/artist so far?

Playing live. Becoming the front-person of a band isn’t something I really thought about. I just wanted to make music. All of a sudden there was demand for me to play shows all over the world and I’ve never felt quite ready for it. I’m in no way ungrateful for the privilege; my nerves are just very temperamental. Sometimes I can be having the best time on stage, and sometimes I can feel far too overwhelmed and it affects my performance. But I’m constantly growing and progressing as an artist and I’m happy for the challenge.

Without invoking genre, describe your music…

No answer.

What’s the best show you’ve been to this year?

I’ve only been to a handful of shows this year, Fenne Lily, Bon Iver, Samoans and a local band called Sock (who I’m really digging). The Bon Iver show was, of course, a much larger production than the others and was something I’d wanted to see for seven years. It wasn’t the best show that I’d ever been to, but for this year, it’d have to be that.

What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement as an artist?

It’s hard to choose just one. Every time I make something that I’m happy with, I’m proud of myself. This is probably because I throw so much music away.

Playing in Jakarta to a couple of thousand people this year was surreal, something that I’d never have imagined doing.

Going to Ijen Crater, seeing the effects that the ‘Terraform’ music video had and how the money that’s been raised will help their community. That’s a big one for me, just to have been a part of that.

The impact that the new ‘Birthplace’ video is having, and again, just being a part of that is a big achievement for me. I’m proud to be able to use my opportunity and freedom to raise awareness of these things.

Beatles or Rolling Stones and why?

Rolling Stones. I used to play some of their songs in a band with my dad and brother when I was 13. I definitely like the Beatles more though to be honest

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Pinegrove, Jemima Coulter and keep and eye out for Hailaker over the next year.

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