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Q&A w/ Rojdar

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as an artist so far?

My biggest challenge is convincing promoters and venue owners that pop isn’t uncool, pop music is fucking awesome! And at some degree will fit into every venue. I’ve had a lot of promoters not book me because I play pop & my agent usually convinces them to take a chance and book me and tbh, I’ve been rebooked every single time.

What festival is #1 on your list that you’d love to play one day?

I’d love to play at Coachella, I can only imagine how much effort I won’t put into my outfits. It’s a pretty big achievement, not many Australian dance acts get the chance to perform at Coachella, but when they do it does massive things for their profile and careers eg Alison Wonderland & What so not.

What was your first ever favourite song?

Justin Timberlake –  SexyBack. When JT performed at The Super bowl halftime show this year, 9-year-old Roj was losing his shit!

Favourite Simpsons episode? Discuss.

Bart Gets an Elephant. Season 5, Episode 17.

Bart made a wise financial decision and choose to receive a Full-Grown African Bush Elephant over 10k Cash. Good story line and well executed by the team, I also felt like this episode really set me up for life, teaching me to not stop complaining till you get what you want.

Do you believe in the term ‘sold out’?

The term ‘sold out’ is very stupid. No one started making music to not grow and be heard by heaps of listeners. Most the time people become to cool for their own good and throw around the ‘sold out’ term excessively to try make themselves feel more hip/not the norm.

Tell us 3 artists that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Fergus James – Yung Ferg, just came off his first national tour which just quietly was supporting Ed Sheeran in the biggest stadiums in Australia. Golden Age is his debut record and is currently my favourite song out of Australia.

Lila Gold – Discovered Lila through a friend and instantly fell in love with her unique voice. She’s recently got some radio support from FBI Sydney on her latest record ‘Loveless’ & will no doubt be across all the major radio networks in no time.

Dj Horizon – Australia’s most Hype dj, also happens to be making some serious moves in the studio. I recently went to a listening session with Horizon & he is defs Australia’s answer to Metro Boomin/Dj Mustard. The future is Horizon!