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QnA Buffet with LA. FAITHFUL

Check out LA Faithful’s new single and video for Heart Back below.

Favourite Simpsons episode? Discuss.

Haha this is an easy one!! I literally have my own Simpsons episode!!

Growing up I had a cousin who taped every episode!! On VHS tapes! Haha vintage I know. He would record every episode one after the other and label them, I just remember stacks and stacks of VHS in his room, with every episode ever made! Haha anyway when your name is Lisa you grow up with every single member of your giant family sending you this Simpsons video EVERY BIRTHDAY! Until I was 21 it definitely became my favourite episode! Actually my mum and dad still sing it to me now every birthday!

I pretend I hate it but secretly I love it! haha.. just look up The Simpsons Lisa it’s your birthday’ – it’s my song!! Actually an audience member once sang it to me at Bar Open on a gig I played on my birthday! 🙂 Greatest gig moment ever!

Not music related…. or a question, but we’d love to see and share an image of your pet/s

… This is my baby Chilli! She’s a miniature Samoyed, I’m teaching her to longboard!!!

How was your high school experience? Were you in a band?

Let’s be honest, high school was awful! I was definitely not one of those kids who cruised through in the ‘cool group’, ahahaha – I hated it and wanted out!

I mean I had some nice friends, but girls are so mean and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with all the bullshit. So I only really had a few friends who were girls and made friends with all the boys! My anxiety was always running at a high and that’s when I really found music was my escape! I befriended all the boys, boys at least just tell you when they’re annoyed and move on – none of that silent treatment haha. I spent most lunch times going to the music room to write, it was so much better than being around people who didn’t really get me!

I got into trouble a lot for uniform hahaha I’d turn up to school with my nose pierced (no piercings allowed) and hair dyed half black and white! The teachers must have been like ‘this kid is a nightmare’. My standard answer “I’m just being myself”-  I was such a shit!

Anyway, I got drawn into playing in the school band, and once I’d had a taste of it I was hooked, it actually saved me from partying pretty hard like some of my friends ‘cause I was like I don’t wanna damage my voice by smoking etc! Music was the only thing that made high school not suck completely!

To this day I tell people high school is the most awkward you will ever feel – it gets better from there!

What festival is #1 on your list that you’d love to play one day?

 Easy! Splendour In The Grass!!! Aussie crowd, hot weather, it would be a big party! I can just imagine everyone singing the lyrics of Heart Back, back to me! I’d probably bawl my eyes out, I’d be so proud!!

All artists go through periods where they seem to lack creativity, when you’re experiencing one of these phases, what do you do to get yourself out of it?

I go through these ALOT, sometimes if I’m too happy I actually go through these times, where I’m like if something heart-breaking doesn’t happen I can’t write!!! Haha it’s awful right! So normally I will…

1) Reach out to friends and see if anyone has had any drama happening to get me inspired

2) Drink a bottle of red wine and then I usually find something to write about or

3) Get tattooed – it’s like therapy for me, relaxes me and helps clear mental blocks.

But I actually had a really painful time recently where I couldn’t write or sing at all it was really scary and I spent some time researching and I read about this opera singer who lost her dad and she couldn’t physically sing for a year because singing is so closely linked to your central nervous system it was too painful for her to tap into it, luckily mine didn’t last that long, but crazy how emotions can block us physically!

What are some of your earliest musical influences that have found their way into the music you’re currently making?

So I’ve always been drawn to powerful vocals and songs that made you want to cry! And as a teenager I was an emo kid, haha Dashboard Confessional and The Used were my favourite bands EVER ahhaha! As I got older I started liking pop indie stuff but still with that painful emotional vibe. Recently I fell in love with Don’t Leave by SnakeHips and Mo. I’ve only just noticed while doing my EP with Msquared that some of my writing style is a link back to the old emo days hahaha how awesome our brain never forgets!

What is the first song you ever wrote and did it make it onto a release?

 HAHAHA I wish it was on my release! Funny story actually the first song I wrote I was 12… I distinctly remember it started with “rain falling down as you step out of your car” haha I entered it in the school battle of the bands!

And here’s the funny thing, I came second to a young boy named Michael Paynter, who turned out to open a company named Msquared Productions… who literally just produced my song Heart Back and my EP!!! Small world!

Recently, creating more diversity within the Aus music scene has been a high priority for event organisers and music curators everywhere, what changes have you personally seen and how have they affected you/your band?

 It is definitely a huge impact on someone who is a woman in the industry! 

I mean I’m not out there protesting for women’s rights etc but I have personally been affected as a woman in a male dominated industry and do agree there needs to be more diversity!

I started off playing in bands and doing everything myself – we’re talking write the songs, book the recordings, book interviews, book tours, everything!! And to be honest I got a lot of no’s! When I got my then boyfriend onboard to email and call on my behalf all of a sudden doors started opening, and I’m not saying it’s because he’s a guy…but it definitely feels that way! I have noticed more recently festivals are starting to try and even out the lineups with men and women which is awesome for music!! There are so many bloody amazing chicks out there who deserve the same attention as the guys! I’ve actually got a lot of friends who are women who are now stepping into festival curating roles etc after working so hard to get there it’s so rad!! Times are a changing.

Without invoking genre, describe your music…

Let’s be honest, it’s emotional – but if something can be sad and also uplifting, that’s what it is haha.

What was your first ever favourite song?

 Easy! The first gig I ever went to was at this tiny bar with my parents! Billy Thorpe! The band left the stage and it was just Billy and the whole room of tough bikers start crying then I realise I’m crying… Billy is singing a version of Over The Rainbow.. it was to date the most powerful performance and voice I’ve ever heard.. my dad remembers me Turing to him and saying “thats what I wanna do dad, make people cry when I tell stories”- I was 8!

I actually got my first tattoo at 18 and it’s the music and lyrics to Over The Rainbow on my arm! RIP Billy!

Where are people able to hear your songs?

You can hear Heart Back on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music!

The video is out on YouTube, and on Facebook page @LA.Faithfullmusic – it is just so incredible, it had 56,000 views in a few short weeks and I’m so blown away!

The EP will be available very soon too which is so exciting!

Beatles or Rolling Stones and why?

Love both… but the Beatles wrote one of the best melodies I’ve ever heard in Blackbird… so I’ll go with them!

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

RUEL because he rules!!!! I was driving along and his Like A Version came on and I just started bawling my eyes out – super powerful vocalist!

NUSSY because her pop songs are just gorgeous! And she’s sparkly!

EILISH GILLIGAN her songwriting is amazing, I hope to do some shows with her!